Taxation elicits different responses from folk right across society….Are taxes the bane of our lives? Are they a way of making sure your fellow man is helped out in times of need? Essential revenue streams for public services?

Whatever your take on taxes they are a necessary evil for everyone…right?

WRONG…the growing list of multinationals that swerve paying corporation tax is astounding…Starbucks, Amazon, Virgin, Boots….Why are they allowed to escape unpunished when the common person would be fined and possibly jailed?

In the UK – when you tot up VAT, business rates, national insurance contributions, and so on – about 30% of tax revenues come from businesses, of which only eight percentage points comes from corporation tax.

You could be forgiven for reading the above quote and thinking well it can’t be that much then! But, when you’re talking about billions of pounds profit it could make a lot of difference if it was in our countries coffers…(that is if it actually made it’s way to where it was needed)


It has come to light that Boots has evaded 1.2 Billion in corporation tax….if you take into account all of the big hitters not paying tax and then smaller corporations…how much is our country missing out on. The funds could be used to prevent all of these cuts that are currently paralysing cities across the UK…85,000 nurses.. How many Sure Starts…Schools….The list just goes on…..

Great to see people gathering in Liverpool city centre to protest against Boots evading taxes…

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