Sefton Park Meadows

Recently it was announced that the ‘Meadows had been saved. Which at first glance is obviously great news because who wants another REDROW development in Liverpool, right?

What stuck in my mind though was the fact our Mayor said that there had to be a ‘viable solution’

A quote from the ECHO reads – ‘He made it very clear that the land cannot remain unused – and suggested either an allotment or community garden as an alternative.

Mayor Anderson said: “I am happy to concede that there will be no housing development on Sefton Park Meadows, but there does need to be a viable solution.’

What ever happened to being allowed to enjoy green space? Why does there need to be a viable solution?

Mayor Joe who was ‘happy to concede’ because they had decided to build 37000 (37000!!) houses on the old garden festival site…(Can they really fit 37000 houses on the site, or was this a typo in the Echo).

He goes on to say…’So I am happy to leave Sefton Park Meadows but only if it is used.If it is used as a green space that is fine by me, as long as it is used, but we can’t just leave it as it is.

We can’t just leave it as it is?

Why can’t it just be left as a green space? Why does a green space suddenly have to fulfill a purpose?  Can it not just serve as visual break from built up areas, somewhere you can choose to enjoy on a whim? Imagine we took this standpoint on all ‘unused’ green spaces in the city.

Again to quote the ECHO – ‘One of Mayor Anderson’s early suggestions would be that the Transforming Choice charity, which helps homeless alcoholics and is based near to the site – could use the area as a therapeutic allotment for its residents.’

We spoke to a local resident Ken Phillips – ‘We already have a lot of allotment space around Liverpool, so why not ring fence some plots for this kind of usage? I can’t think of anything worse than an allotment popping up, which would have to be fenced off to stop people gaining access and potentially become an eyesore very quickly’.

He added – ‘It seems in conceding Joe feels he still has to put his stamp on the meadows any way, against the will of many’.

After years of tireless campaigning Save Sefton Park Meadows continue to shine a light on the Meadows. Their most recent article is below and highlights some of the latest concerns….

Visit their site to see how you can get involved and have your say on it’s future and the future of other green spaces in Liverpool.

Text below taken from

No Formal Policy Protection for Meadows in New Local Plan

The Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft January 2018 has now been published for Public Consultation.

From our reading, we conclude that the Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft January 2018 is not Legally Compliant or Sound.

Our campaign group has put together Local Plan 2018 SPM comments to highlight our concerns over the continuing lack of protection for the Meadows and other greenspaces in this Draft Local Plan. We need supporters to comment and challenge this Local Plan to provide clear, unambiguous policy protection for Sefton Park Meadows, Green Space and Green Wedge across the city. You can refer to these comments in your representations if they are helpful.

We are also sending our more detailed representations to the Council.

The Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft and all Supporting Documents, including FAQ’s and how to comment can be found here

All representations must be submitted by the deadline of Friday 9 March 2018.

 Reduced status in new Open Spaces Report & Assessment

The new updated LCC Open Space Report Standards April 2017 is also finally published as a Supporting Document with the Local Plan. It reveals that the Meadows has been redesignated to Amenity Greenspace of ‘Low Quality or Value’. This is a significant change from the Open Spaces Report 2005 where the Meadows was clearly shown as part of Sefton Park and High Value/ Quality. No consultation has been held on these changes.

Comments can be made online, by email or by post. Although the Council website strongly recommends that you comment online on the Local Plan specific chapters, sections, policies or tables, this appears to be a very onerous and time consuming process.  You can download our Local Plan SPM comments list of 6 representations (link given above) and send it with your contact details to the Council by email, post or in person (see details below).

Alternatively, download the Council’s 4 page liverpool-local-plan-representation-form, fill in your details, attach our SPM Comments list of 6 representations, and/or your own comments,  and send to the Council.

All completed forms and comments can be sent:

by email to:

by post to: Submission Draft Liverpool Local Plan Consultation, Development Plans, FREEPOST RRUK-HRTT-LATT, Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool L3 1DS.

Or in person to the Cunard Building offices.


Drop-in information events by the Council

Come and find out more about the draft plan and how to comment on it.

20th February 2018: 11am – 5:30pm. Bean There Café 376 Smithdown Rd, L15 5AN.

• 1st March 2018: 11am-7pm. Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW.

You can make comments related to Sefton Park Meadows and other green open spaces across Liverpool or any other matters in the Local Plan that interest you. Your comments will be considered by an independent inspector in the preparation for the next stage of the plan.

What happens next

April-December 2018: Draft plan will be submitted for an independent examination. The Inspector must consider all comments and representations made as part of this consultation.

December 2018-January 2019: Council to adopt the plan and the legal challenge period starts.

So it is important that we get as many representations made as possible at this stage to highlight the lack of protection for the Meadows and Green Space in the Liverpool Local Plan January 2018 document.

The Mayor of Liverpool has confirmed to the Echo that no houses will be built on Sefton Park Meadows, but gives no protection in his 15 year Local Plan.  He now also appears intent on finding a ‘use’ for the Meadows. We have proved its worth now, and no development can ‘improve’ this heritage greenspace.

Please share this information with family and friends.

Remember to submit comments on the Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 to the Council before the Friday 9 March 2018 deadline.

Thank you!

Quotes taken from an article that appeared on the Liverpool Echo website. You can read the full article HERE



Music: The Key Card Liverpool

THEKEYCARDLPOOLNEW-1We have been working with these guys on and off for around six months now and we cant wait for the launch of the Key Card.

The Discount/Loyalty card hybrid is aimed at music lovers and offers discounts and exclusive offers at Liverpool’s music venues…..Not only that but they are building up a pretty impressive list of bars, shops, coffee shops and other services around town that compliment the overall mission of the Key Card.


They have just announced that they are working in association with the Music Venue Trust and will be donating 5% of all card sales and other activities to support the great work the trust do for grassroots music venues in the UK.


So in becoming a KEY CARD member you are directly supporting grassroots music venues in Liverpool & beyond


While they are still working on the launch of the card and fine tuning their website, the way the Key Card intends to support the grassroots venues and bands in Liverpool is something we look forward to being part of. Show your support: FACEBOOK   TWITTER





EYE SEE: Music Venue Trust – Venues Day 2015





On Tuesday 20th October 2015 the MVT held a landmark event in the legendary Ministry Of Sound in London. 300 delegates turned up for the SOLD OUT event, to discuss the threats that grassroots music venues face in the current climate. A mix of rising rents, changes in planning laws plus greedy developers invading cities across the UK has seen 35% of our capitals venues close since 2007. However this is not an issue that solely affects London….Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds & Manchester have also seen venues closing and threatened with closure. Once gone this affects the grassroots scene irreversibly.

timthumb.phpEvery musician cuts their teeth touring such venues and that goes for every musician since the dawn of the touring scene….and every musician that has gone on to put the UK on the map as the number 1 country for music worldwide….

The turnout for venues day showed how far the MVT have come since setting up the trust in 2014, with a plethora of industry heads in attendance,  Steve Lamaq, BBC 6 Music, Ed Vaizey, Minister of State Culture, Geoff Taylor, CEO BPI & BRIT Awards and Mark Davyd CEO Music Venue Trust, to name a few…. appearing on panels discussing various ways of tackling the issues the venues face now and in the future and how to navigate them.


They also launched the RESCUE PLAN on how to go about saving our capitals music venues, which has been back by Boris Johnson…Read More Here



Now they plan to tackle the rest of the country…

Check out MVT’s site here for more info on the great work they do….

SEE: Viper Label & Mellowtone @ The Palm House

This Thursday 14th May sees the Viper Label return to Sefton Park Palm House for the first time since last years Viper 100.

This time round sees Viper team up with Mellowtone who have been ‘quietly making a stir’ in Liverpool for over a decade, with their evenings of live acoustic music & DJs in a variety of the most intimate venues in Liverpool.

Promises to be an enchanted evening…. Tickets £10 from HERE


SEE: Toxteth Superstore Wins BBC4 Award



For years the store operated in a similar manner but without the focus solely on food, it was more of a chandlers too….then a few years back it was taken over by its current owners and the rest as they say is history…

Judges in the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2015 said the store is playing a vital role in assisting the ‘transformation’ of the area….and when you pay a visit you can’t deny that the place is buzzing…

The area has seen a shift over the years due to many other influences too. Such as various community events, The Credit Union, the on going work of GTDT and the many store owners and residents to who invest time and energy in making it a better place to live and work on a daily basis.

(As ever The Liverpool Echo managed to inaccurately report that it had moved into an old Kwik Save store but back in reality, this happens to be its sister store at the top of Smithdown Rd.)


The store sells thousands of foods imported from all over the world, fresh veg & fruit, meat, fish, herbs and spices…

The store competed for the award against two other shops in Gloucester and Aberystwyth.

The judges said: “Lodge Lane in Toxteth has a chequered past of problems, but in recent years the area has changed and become more vibrant, with food being at the heart of the community’s transformation.’

‘Liverpool 8 has played a vital role in changing a once intimidating space into a bustling one, offering a sense of community for a diverse customer base, as well as selling an abundance of herbs, spices, fresh vegetables and authentic imported ingredients.’

The store was announced as the winner at the BBC Food and Farming Awards in Bristol.

It may be fair to say that since the demise of Granby St, that Lodge Lane has picked up where Granby left off and this is vital to the local community. What happened to Granby still leaves a bad taste in many a locals mouth…  The recent housing regeneration and the saving of the streets surrounding (thanks to Granby Four Streets CLT) et al has gone someway to readdressing the demise of the area in the late eighties due to rising unemployment and the negativity following the riots …but will never replace the Granby many called home. Granby Street 1968

It would be great to see new investment in the area following this bout of publicity. The area is definitely undergoing a shift with the building of the new Archbishop Blanch site just up the road on Smithdown about to bring an influx of people to the area. Fat Joe has also announced the £1 houses around Smithdown and it would be lovely to see the derelict shops opposite the graveyard eventually become regenerated too….

Congratulations to all at the store and may the area as a whole continue to rise. While on the subject of L8…check out  L8 Unseen @ Museum of Liverpool.




We shared Stevens video, of the Liverpool’s Overhead Railway (1893 – 1956) recreating its glorious heyday (using CGI)  via our FB Page and the response was amazing. Its obvious to see it holds a place in the hearts of Liverpudlians far and wide, for a variety of reasons.



We caught up with Steven & fired a few questions his way….

TLE: What led to you making the video?………

SW: I’ve been working with CGI for a number of years now. I’ve always wanted to be a film maker and learning how to use CGI as a tool is a more economical way to do this. I remember seeing the amount of detail James Cameron put into making Titanic (right down to the cutlery) and I always though it would be good to do something along the same lines with the Overhead Railway. I’d heard about it as a child but I’d not seen images of it till I discovered it on the internet.

I took the idea further after attending a lecture at FACT a few years ago. What I saw was a lecturer who was born after the structure had been demolished. The audience consisted of older members of the public who rode on the railway.

These people where disagreeing with some of the points being raised, and the lecture almost turned into a debate. I decided then and there that these peoples memories were more important than anything this researcher had done, and that I would put together a documentary film based on peoples real memories and their personal experiences with the Overhead Railway.

We got some great stories and anecdotes from members of the public that you won’t find anywhere in any of the history books or previous documentaries. For example, nowhere to my knowledge has it been recorded that the Overhead Railway had it’s very own football team. These and many more facts emerged through the interviews that cannot be found anywhere else.

TLE: Is this something that you do professionally?

SW: I’ve been working as a 3D artist and director on and off for a number of years now, which is what pulled me away from the project back when I was unemployed.

TLE: Are you working on anything at the moment?

SW: I’m currently working on another project now which also incorporates the Overhead Railway. The project is a feature film about the urban myth known as Spring Heeled Jack. He was a demonic apparition that originated in London during the victorian era.

He would terrorise women at night with his appearance. It was said that he had red eyes (like balls of fire), that he spat blue flames and that he could jump extraordinary heights. The story begins in London but the journey takes us to Liverpool, where Spring Heeled Jack was sighted in 1904 on top of St Francis Xaviers Church in Everton.


I shot a promotional piece whilst living in London which is currently being re-worked now. If I can raise the funds to shoot this film independently I would love to shoot it here in Liverpool. There is a trailer on the site which gives a very brief glimpse of the Overhead Railway.

A website for this work can be found here: Spring Heeled Jack Home Page 





SEE: Calling All Girl Geeks

 Liverpool Girl Geeks was co-founded by LJMU Media graduate Chelsea Slater. Aiming to decrease the gender gap for women wanting to work in technology, LGG supports & helps women to acquire the skills they need to work in the industry.

2015 has seen them as panellists at the national NACUE Student Enterprise Conference hosted by LJMU and recently hosting a very well-received event for International Womens Day, supported by LJMU’s Open Labs project.

Check their site for the details: HERE  or  TWITTER or FB



When the Everyman closed its doors for the last time the loss felt in Liverpool was palpable…..Then came the reopening and despite the awards and the stunning new building the hardcore Everyman bistro goers where still missing the centre of their social universe….suffice to say they  certainly didn’t replace the bistro they called home….but things change etc etc. Then came the opening of the Pen Factory and you could say the needs of the Bistro crew were finally met?

ANYWAY history aside, tonight sees the start of something that might just bring a bit of much needed magic back to the Everyman; in the form of BEATNIK HURRICANE. Headed up by Barry Sutton, he of various bands over the years including, the La’s, The Stairs, Cast, Smaller to name a few….the night sees an ever revolving door of BEATNIK HURRICANERS providing house band vibes (and some famous faces have been known to join thier ranks…) Also joining proceedings will be various special guests….


Get down, Get involved and lets see what happens….

Running on a monthly basis (til the wheels fall off…) FREE ENTRY