Latest from one of our favourites….The Jay Jay Okocha of Jazz rap is back..Storm Brewing, is a dark offering with some great lines, once again showing Nelsons dexterity as he weaves in, out and around the sparse track….some great shots of Liverpool in the vid too…

See how many locations you identify…

FEAST: The Bagelry


Bagels, in every form, Flavoured, Seeded, Sweet, Savoury and beyond….

They have opened a shop in Chinatown…

You can either follow the smell or find them at 42 Nelson St, Chinatown, L1 5DN or  you can buy their bagels in various outlets across Liverpool…

All listed on their website HERE

We do however strongly recommended paying a visit to their shop where among the bagels you will find other homemade fayre such as baked cheesecake, home made baked beans served with fried eggs and leek and potato cakes….pretzels… (my mouth is watering while typing this…)

Sat: 0930-1600
Sun: 0930-1600
Mon: Closed
Tues: 0800-1600
Weds: 0800-1600
Thurs: 0800-1600
Fri: 0800-1600

SEE: Toxteth Superstore Wins BBC4 Award



For years the store operated in a similar manner but without the focus solely on food, it was more of a chandlers too….then a few years back it was taken over by its current owners and the rest as they say is history…

Judges in the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2015 said the store is playing a vital role in assisting the ‘transformation’ of the area….and when you pay a visit you can’t deny that the place is buzzing…

The area has seen a shift over the years due to many other influences too. Such as various community events, The Credit Union, the on going work of GTDT and the many store owners and residents to who invest time and energy in making it a better place to live and work on a daily basis.

(As ever The Liverpool Echo managed to inaccurately report that it had moved into an old Kwik Save store but back in reality, this happens to be its sister store at the top of Smithdown Rd.)


The store sells thousands of foods imported from all over the world, fresh veg & fruit, meat, fish, herbs and spices…

The store competed for the award against two other shops in Gloucester and Aberystwyth.

The judges said: “Lodge Lane in Toxteth has a chequered past of problems, but in recent years the area has changed and become more vibrant, with food being at the heart of the community’s transformation.’

‘Liverpool 8 has played a vital role in changing a once intimidating space into a bustling one, offering a sense of community for a diverse customer base, as well as selling an abundance of herbs, spices, fresh vegetables and authentic imported ingredients.’

The store was announced as the winner at the BBC Food and Farming Awards in Bristol.

It may be fair to say that since the demise of Granby St, that Lodge Lane has picked up where Granby left off and this is vital to the local community. What happened to Granby still leaves a bad taste in many a locals mouth…  The recent housing regeneration and the saving of the streets surrounding (thanks to Granby Four Streets CLT) et al has gone someway to readdressing the demise of the area in the late eighties due to rising unemployment and the negativity following the riots …but will never replace the Granby many called home. Granby Street 1968

It would be great to see new investment in the area following this bout of publicity. The area is definitely undergoing a shift with the building of the new Archbishop Blanch site just up the road on Smithdown about to bring an influx of people to the area. Fat Joe has also announced the £1 houses around Smithdown and it would be lovely to see the derelict shops opposite the graveyard eventually become regenerated too….

Congratulations to all at the store and may the area as a whole continue to rise. While on the subject of L8…check out  L8 Unseen @ Museum of Liverpool.




We shared Stevens video, of the Liverpool’s Overhead Railway (1893 – 1956) recreating its glorious heyday (using CGI)  via our FB Page and the response was amazing. Its obvious to see it holds a place in the hearts of Liverpudlians far and wide, for a variety of reasons.



We caught up with Steven & fired a few questions his way….

TLE: What led to you making the video?………

SW: I’ve been working with CGI for a number of years now. I’ve always wanted to be a film maker and learning how to use CGI as a tool is a more economical way to do this. I remember seeing the amount of detail James Cameron put into making Titanic (right down to the cutlery) and I always though it would be good to do something along the same lines with the Overhead Railway. I’d heard about it as a child but I’d not seen images of it till I discovered it on the internet.

I took the idea further after attending a lecture at FACT a few years ago. What I saw was a lecturer who was born after the structure had been demolished. The audience consisted of older members of the public who rode on the railway.

These people where disagreeing with some of the points being raised, and the lecture almost turned into a debate. I decided then and there that these peoples memories were more important than anything this researcher had done, and that I would put together a documentary film based on peoples real memories and their personal experiences with the Overhead Railway.

We got some great stories and anecdotes from members of the public that you won’t find anywhere in any of the history books or previous documentaries. For example, nowhere to my knowledge has it been recorded that the Overhead Railway had it’s very own football team. These and many more facts emerged through the interviews that cannot be found anywhere else.

TLE: Is this something that you do professionally?

SW: I’ve been working as a 3D artist and director on and off for a number of years now, which is what pulled me away from the project back when I was unemployed.

TLE: Are you working on anything at the moment?

SW: I’m currently working on another project now which also incorporates the Overhead Railway. The project is a feature film about the urban myth known as Spring Heeled Jack. He was a demonic apparition that originated in London during the victorian era.

He would terrorise women at night with his appearance. It was said that he had red eyes (like balls of fire), that he spat blue flames and that he could jump extraordinary heights. The story begins in London but the journey takes us to Liverpool, where Spring Heeled Jack was sighted in 1904 on top of St Francis Xaviers Church in Everton.


I shot a promotional piece whilst living in London which is currently being re-worked now. If I can raise the funds to shoot this film independently I would love to shoot it here in Liverpool. There is a trailer on the site which gives a very brief glimpse of the Overhead Railway.

A website for this work can be found here: Spring Heeled Jack Home Page 





SEE: COMPETITION! – DUBABUSE Zion Train, Perch & Dub Dadda 25/04/15

Time Flies….Just a month ago DUBABUSE returned to Liverpool giving its music scene a much needed DUB injection in its guitar band, indie, rock (insert your own genre here) arse.

Fast forward four weeks and its Round 2…This months helping sees Londoners Zion Train, Perch & Dub Dadda rolling into town to show you how its done…

We have a Plus One Guestlist to handout to you lucky skankers if you can answer this question….

Where do Zion Train hail from?

A) London B) Jamaica C) Oxford

Email answer to or message our FB page here

EVAC 25.4.15 2300- 0400 TICKETS HERE





We love Mattas, if you enjoy cooking no doubt you have wandered its aisles in search of various ingredients at some point in your culinary adventures. If you haven’t had the pleasure…. you don’t know what you are missing. Started back in 1984, Mattas is a family run business specialising in fresh produce and every herb, spice and speciality ingredient under the sun. Essentially Mattas is an International Food Store stocking ingredients to cover dishes from Ghana, Palestine, China, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, USA…the list goes on….It also carries a decent stock of vegetarian and vegan food too….

The store can be found in Liverpool –  51 Bold Street, L1 4EU.

Cant make it into the store? You can shop on line here: MATTAS


Taxation elicits different responses from folk right across society….Are taxes the bane of our lives? Are they a way of making sure your fellow man is helped out in times of need? Essential revenue streams for public services?

Whatever your take on taxes they are a necessary evil for everyone…right?

WRONG…the growing list of multinationals that swerve paying corporation tax is astounding…Starbucks, Amazon, Virgin, Boots….Why are they allowed to escape unpunished when the common person would be fined and possibly jailed?

In the UK – when you tot up VAT, business rates, national insurance contributions, and so on – about 30% of tax revenues come from businesses, of which only eight percentage points comes from corporation tax.

You could be forgiven for reading the above quote and thinking well it can’t be that much then! But, when you’re talking about billions of pounds profit it could make a lot of difference if it was in our countries coffers…(that is if it actually made it’s way to where it was needed)


It has come to light that Boots has evaded 1.2 Billion in corporation tax….if you take into account all of the big hitters not paying tax and then smaller corporations…how much is our country missing out on. The funds could be used to prevent all of these cuts that are currently paralysing cities across the UK…85,000 nurses.. How many Sure Starts…Schools….The list just goes on…..

Great to see people gathering in Liverpool city centre to protest against Boots evading taxes…

We would like to hear your views on our article –

Please Comment, Advise, Enlighten, Educate, and Get Involved…









Light Night Liverpool sees the cities galleries, museums and heritage sites open til late… Various free events, performances, workshops and a whole lot more across the city…bring the family, take a friend, and get exploring…

Over 100 free events 16th May 4pm til Late


The Eyelet #15 KILLOTTO

KillottoWords: Tom Morris-Jones

The experimental ‘Visionary Environmental’ music of Killøtto radiates soundscapes that are probably unlike anything you’ve heard. His music provokes a myriad of images, with dreamlike and soothing synth pads, clear-cut and catchy vocal chops and an overall immersive sound that leaves you feeling both relaxed and invigorated at the same time.


This is primarily an experimental dance act, drawing influence from the fast growing plethora of experimental, post-dubstep dance producers such as XXYYXX, Mount Kimbie and Shlomo. The often minimalist recordings can change in an instant to create layered, dense sounding tracks that need to be listened to in their entirety to be fully appreciated. And you can do just that on his SoundCloud:






The Eyelet #11 CIRCA WAVES

Words: Tom Morris-Jones


With their infectious up-tempo pop melodies and their brash, thrashing guitars, Circa Waves are looking to bring back the golden days of the noughties when the charts were rife with guitar music. The band seem to be grabbing the bull by the horns and if their double AA sided single ‘Get Away / Good For Me’ is anything to go by then they will undoubtedly justify their hype.

The local band have already been tipped to have a particularly exciting and promising 2014. Their single ‘Get Away’ was championed by Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe as his ‘Hottest Record in the World’ late last year and they have also recently secured a slot on the NME Awards Tour supporting Interpol. Certainly one to keep an eye out for.

Until Such Time – The ‘Eye