The Eyelet #14 REIGNWOLF

Words: Tom Morris-Jones.


In this increasingly over-produced and auto-tuned music industry in which we find ourselves, the term ‘authentic’ has eroded into a somewhat meaningless buzzword. It is a word, however, that describes Jordan Cook, A.K.A Reignwolf, in its originally intended, pure meaning.

The no holds barred Blues Rock outfit’s music doesn’t ask for permission when it occupies your ears with its relentless guitar riffs and pounding drums. And with the band recently bagging themselves a support slot for Black Sabbath on their Canadian tour, Reignwolf are forcing people to take notice. If you’re into the fuzzy, distorted, raw sounding rock vibes of The Black Keys and The White Stripes then this is an act not to pass by.

The single, In The Dark, is out now.