The Eyelet #26 REJJIE SNOW

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There’s a youthful energy that’s stirring in the underground rap world, and it is resonating from a 20 year old, Dublin-born Rejjie Snow. Snow, despite his youth, already has quite the CV having supported acts such as Kendrick Lamar, King Krule and Joey Bada$$, whilst being under the same management as Elton John and Lily Allen.

The Irishman, now living in America, describes his tracks as mad experimental and thought provoking when being serious, and a mixture between a drunken Irish guy and Charles Bukowski when fooling around (though insists there’s still some truth in the latter). Having released a brilliant EP, Rejovich, which was full of unnerving production and eloquent bars last year, comparisons to Tyler the Creator came through rapidly. These comparisons stem from his deep voice inflexion and dark lyrics, but there is much more to Snow than just this. He, in fact, says that one of his main influences was not Tyler but MF DOOM, who actually influences other Odd Future members such as Earl Sweatshirt and Hodgy Beats.

Comparisons aside, Snow will be big through his own style and quality which is one that has given him a platform for arguably deeper and darker lyrics than OFWGKTA. Take his track ‘Lost in Empathy’, for example, which tackles the jolly topic of Albino genocide in Eastern Africa. Similar hard-hitting lyrics are rife in other tracks, tracks that warrant a second listen in order to be fully understood. And though the young rapper only has a handful of songs, each one provides a truly unique and enriching quality. The video for his track Nights Over Georgia is fresh of the press, being put up yesterday. It’s as though he put that up for us.





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