The Eyelet #24 WE ARE CATCHERS

Words: Tom Morris Jones




Looking across a sun-kissed Mersey rather than Malibu palm trees, We Are Catchers (aka Peter Jackson) revel in transporting the 1960’s sound of South California across the Atlantic and placing it firmly in Merseyside. Though the similarities between the two may seem far-fetched, sonically this long distanced route has accomplished something quite spectacular.


With the help of Bill Ryder-Jones, formerly of The Coral, We Are Catchers grasp the listener’s imagination and carry them on a sunlit voyage across the pond where they can dream about life under a bluer sky. Their new self-titled record (released on Domino last month) beautifully portrays this, with warm vintage piano sounds paired with wistful, echoing falsetto.


Here is a record that could quite easily have come about in 1965 and yet so elegantly takes its place in 2014 without sounding at all dated. Hopelessly romantic and effortlessly dreamy, it’s that nostalgic polaroid photo of summer by the seaside with the edges fading.

You can catch WE ARE CATCHERS @ District Saturday 19th April playing at the Anti Fracking Gig… check out the line up HERE



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