The Eyelet #21 SAINT RAYMOND

Words: Tom Morris-Jones

Saint Raymond

Apart from the odd session musician and hired help for gigs, Saint Raymond is the brainchild and musical vehicle for singer-songwriter Callum Burrows. Coming off the back of his iTunes Top 30 EP, Escapade, he has progressed into 2014 producing music that would appear to ground the notion that he is someone who has a wise head on young shoulders, considering he is still only a teenager.


The Young Blood EP is his next refreshing work of art in which he continues to show his aptitude in producing captivating and often anthemic hooks. With one foot on either side of pop and indie, the Nottingham born songsmith is able to create quite astonishing tracks that grab you on the very first listen. The latest EP has already peaked at number 3 on the iTunes charts and I am sure Mr. Burrows will not need telling that once you are competing with Beyonce at those dizzy heights of the charts you are definitely doing something right.

If you like what you hear, tickets are still available for his gig on Sunday in Manchester at The Ruby Lounge as part of his current UK tour. My instinct tells me it might be your last chance to see him for £8.






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