The Eyelet #15 KILLOTTO

KillottoWords: Tom Morris-Jones

The experimental ‘Visionary Environmental’ music of Killøtto radiates soundscapes that are probably unlike anything you’ve heard. His music provokes a myriad of images, with dreamlike and soothing synth pads, clear-cut and catchy vocal chops and an overall immersive sound that leaves you feeling both relaxed and invigorated at the same time.


This is primarily an experimental dance act, drawing influence from the fast growing plethora of experimental, post-dubstep dance producers such as XXYYXX, Mount Kimbie and Shlomo. The often minimalist recordings can change in an instant to create layered, dense sounding tracks that need to be listened to in their entirety to be fully appreciated. And you can do just that on his SoundCloud:






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