SEE: ‘Legal Green Cocaine’


Would you drink something that had 137 times the anti oxidants of green tea? Something that makes you loose weight? Something that gave you a 5 hour buzz that feels way better than coffee? Something that was beloved of samurai, monks and martial artists because of its ability to energize the body yet calm and focus the mind? Well if the answer to all of those is yes then I need to tell you about the latest craze that is about to sweep the nation all the way from Japan. Matcha. It has been used in Japanese tea ceremony since the 12th century and the calming effect is due to high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes calming alpha waves in the brain. More important than all the technical shit is that celebs in LA, huge numbers of people in the East and increasingly in the USA and Australia are turning to Matcha which means that you will be soon. It comes as a powder and has been available for a while but more interesting is the latte version which is now available in a few select shops around Dublin and which is absolutely fucking amazing. Some things in life are too good to be true and this is one of them. I’m a huge coffee fan but the next big trend in this country is going to be back towards high end teas and Matcha lattes will lead that charge. This stuff will blow your mind and be everywhere soon. Mark my words…

Matcha Green Tea can be found at Holland and Barrett and other specialist tea stockists…

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