David Hockney: Early Reflections at The Walker Art Gallery Liverpool


76 years 3 months 1 day, Yorkshireman, Conscientious Objector, Draughtsman, Artist. David Hockney is all of these things and more. The Walker not only houses one of the painting’s that Hockney is, arguably, most famous for (Peter getting out of Nick’s pool ’67) but from today until 16 march 2014 it presents a retrospective of the artists early work from ’60 through to ’78. The subject of his work is in no doubt. The turmoil and raw emotion brought out in his work by constraints placed on his sexuality by society is evident. Secret codes, smoke and mirrors and a crush on Cliff Richard play out across his early work. Also included are 12 etchings which look at his admiration for the poet Constantine Petrou Cavafy which shows another side to Hockneys work that some may not be aware of.
Also included are Hockney’s water-themed paintings, particularly those of swimming pools which are among his most renowned.
If you admire Hockneys work already you’ll obviously enjoy this exhibition and if you know the name and that painting go and take a look at the early work of one of England’s greatest living artists.




InteraXon Muse Headband


No it’s not the latest fashion spin off by Matt Bellamy and co, although it is something you can imagine Bellamy utilising. That aside, the headband is a culmination of years of R&D in thought computing.

Muse is a brainwave-sensing headband built for consumers. With its ability to read, record, and analyze the full spectrum of human brainwaves, users can visualize their neural activity in a meaningful, interactive way. This level of insight, in conjunction with powerful analytics and personalized feedback, helps users tap into the power of their mind so they can improve cognitive skills, play games, control appliances and more now and in the future.

Muse’s first application is a brain trainer that promotes healthy brain habits that can: improve intellectual skills such as memory and concentration, or emotional skills like maintaining composure in high stress situations.

Built by InteraXon, the though-controlled computing company behind the Zenbound brain-sensing headband, and in conjunction with industry leader, Dr. Steve Mann, Muse, the brainwave-sensing headband, debuts on the shoulders of years of extensive R&D. Muse is InteraXon’s first offering as it drives to provide brain-enabled products that are accessible, affordable, and an integral part of everyday life.

In the future we will be able to control even more with our thoughts…. But right now even the reality of this gizmo is pretty astounding, especially as you come to terms with the technology and what the possible uses are.

Let us know your thoughts…(excuse the pun) and leave us your comments below

Mark Boulos #Echo @ FACT Liverpool

Mark Boulos @ Fact

FACT; many things to many people. On the rainy evening in question, it was the venue for the launch of Mark Boulos’s latest work; Echo.
The space lends itself perfectly to the installation and on entering you walk down the long, dark corridor into Gallery 1 wondering what to expect… As you turn the corner you are met with a large video screen. Scenes of early morning London shudder to life; police cars fly past…The noise is just the right side of Loud… This is a piece you take part in, three spotlights land on the floor beckoning you to stand in the eerie light. Once under the lights, you appear on screen, a ghostly reflection of yourself …. any movement you make is delayed, speech distorted, time desynchronized, ‘spatial perspective is broken and distorted’…the effect is very dreamlike or even similar to a drug a induced state (at least how we imagine a drug induced state would be!).

Inspired by neuroscientific and psychoanalytic theories of embodiment and selfhood, Echo has been developed in collaboration with Professor Olaf Blanke, Director of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Brain-Mind Institute in Lausanne. Prof. Blanke has pioneered research to induce out-of-body experiences in test subjects

We love Art that gets people involved and this installation certainly does. The work is presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival and runs 3 October – 21 November.

We highly recommend a visit..definitely go and see Boulos’s other work upstairs in Gallery 2, a collection of thought provoking documentary based works…it’s well worth a look…

Special thanks to Jen Chapman @Fact.

Until Such Time – the ‘Eye



So, an eventful weekend for Liverpool’s music scene and no doubt some bleary eyed people out there today ;-). Friday saw Alan Mcgee’s 359 launch their club night at District and Sunday the North end of the City played host to the Stanley Park Festival…onwards and upwards folks…

Here’s a wee interview we did with 359’s Chris Grant Eye to Eye #11

Keep em peeled for this Fridays interview with John Lennon McCullagh…..

Until Such Time.. The ‘Eye







Stylish, affordable bikes you say? That you create yourself; from a variety of different coloured, wheels, chains etc?….On yer bike!…

Actually, its true. Mango Bikes was set up by Jezz Skelton and Ben Harrison (who were ex uni housemates) because they couldn’t find stylish affordable bikes…

We cant decide which colours look best together…take a look here and choose your scheme…

Festival of Firsts 6-14 July


The festival runs 6-14th July and takes place on the Wirral or to be more specific, Hoylake, West Kirby and New Brighton in various venues.

To quote the festivals organisers-

“Wirral Festival of Firsts was established in Hoylake in 2011 to deliver an innovative, community based arts festival to encourage participation, the showcasing of local talent as well as the opportunity for the community to access and enjoy some examples of the best art, music and poetry in the country.
The Festival is run by volunteers consisting of an elected executive committee supported by steering groups and managers responsible for different aspects of the Festival.”

Sounds good to us.

The festival is directed and chaired by John Gorman, vocalist, comedian, actor…. You may know him from here

We digress, as well as the poetry andmusic on offer the festival will run workshops on a variety of arts from writing to would you believe it shamanism! There are also talks on various subjects as well as the host of acts for your delectation.

For a festival it’s a long runner and we think there’s something for everyone. We’re up for a bit of the Wirral Ukulele Orchestra and the various bands playing the festival. More importantly though this kind of festival needs your support so get yourselves there and tell them the ‘Eye sent you…

Festival website

The Eyelet


Tomorrow sees the debut of our new feature…

We get many emails etc from musicians, just signed, unsigned or just starting out asking for a shout, so we created The Eyelet.

If you know any musicians that you would like to see featured, or you’d like to get your own music out there get in touch via our Facebook page. We welcome music beyond Liverpool as well!! Keep ’em coming!


Until Such Time – the ‘Eye

The Eyelet


We receive a lot of mail from unsigned bands, solo artists etc wanting a mention, So……As of next week we will be posting links that the more unknown/unsigned folks have sent us.  We say unknown maybe you’ll know them maybe you wont….(all the more reason to tune in!)

The Eyelet #1 will be posted next week. If you know of  any bands you think should be under the spotlight, or you think YOUR band should be ….get in touch.

Until Such Time -The ‘Eye

Eye to Eye


With Liverpool’s Sound City a mere 2 days away what better way to launch our new series of band interviews, Eye to Eye. Over the coming months we will be talking to our favorite up and coming and established bands. To begin with we have the Tea Street Band, Dirty Rivers, Bird and Jagwar Ma to name but a few. Stay tuned for more details.