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eyetooooeyeSome of you will be familiar with The Liverpool Eye from our WordPress blog. We started the blog off in April 2013 and before too long it’d had hits from every corner of the Globe (which blew us away, to say the least). We became consumed, not just by the writing but the interaction between our readers and the artists we cover. Whether through our social media accounts, emails, conversations…we found it infectious. (The posts from our blog have a new home here on the site in case you wondered why the blog roll goes back to April!)

So, the logical step for us was to make it BIGGER, expand on what we were writing about and sharing and include the other things that make us tick here at the ‘Eye.

We have expanded on our first love, Music and evolved to encompass the other things that keep us occupied. Gadgets, Art, Food and Drink and much more…anything is fair game….if its exciting and holds our attention…or it makes us want or even need it… it gets covered.

We live in an amazing city, a city steeped in a rich cultural history. When it comes the arts, bands, artists, galleries, clubs, creativity, universities…this city is second to non.

We have so much on our doorstep but then there is so much more beyond that..

Through the time writing our blog and readying the site we have made some great connections across the globe in varying fields and they will be contributing and sharing their wares and knowledge via us.

This is the beginning…we could have continued working away on the site forever but the time has come for us to draw a line and unleash it…its early days…it will evolve…but everything has to start somewhere….so the journey starts here.


The ‘Eye


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