WATCH: Skiddle shine a light on Liverpool music Scene

Skiddle recently published a video on the constant flux of our music venues.

Whilst this is a plight that is nationwide, Liverpool has certainly been hit hard over the years…

Even though it was put together some time ago, it’s still good to see our venues and night life highlighted in such a way.

The ‘film’ includes prominent heads, giving their take on the current shape/state of the scene and the independent venues that make up our beloved musical landscape.

Definitely mixed emotions whilst watching, proud of our city, the venues and yet frustrated and angry when you see the hard work and investment, not to mention the communities that spring up around these venues, steamrolled by developers.

Developers that wouldn’t have been drawn to the area had it not been for the venues, punters and the visionaries who breathed life into these areas.

We’ve all seen it loop over and over, to the point where apathy kicks in and people become resigned to the fact that nothing can be done to stop the gentrification of our key spaces.

Not to say people don’t stand up and go down without a fight, but historically this hasn’t led to many victories…



Throughout the ‘film’ there are some very valid points made: Dave McTague quite rightly points out that our attention is now (more than ever) fragmented and its harder for venues/promoters to actually draw us in and get us to pay for tickets to watch live music, a point that Joe Maryanji elaborates on when he mentions advances tickets sales. The kind of thing smaller promoters/venues can only dream of…

Not to say its all bad…Our city still has great venues with more popping up and new and old promoters alike still fighting the fight of the front line. Liverpool has been on this merry go round since the sixties, with different influences playing a hand in changing the landscape, but essentially its the same shit, different decade.

So take a look at the vid and realise that now more than ever if you really believe in the venues you love and the music that passes through, then as a punter you need to put your money where your mouth is.


Independent Venue Week is nearly upon us so take a look at Phase One and the Jac as a starting point to see whats going on around the city.

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