The Eyelet #4 SUNDOWNERS


After some debate we decided to put the Sundowners in the Eyelet and not Eye to Eye. Why? Because we gonna give them some time on the road to gather some tales to be told.

So until such time comes this feature gives us an excuse to point you in the direction of sounds that are currently wafting in and out of our ear holes and the Sundowners have been doing just that.

Currently supporting Mr James Skelly, which comes as no surprise as the Sundowners lead guitarist and one of the singers are James’ siblings. The drummer is also a ‘Sharrock’,

The Sundowners are: Lead Guitar – Alfie Skelly, Vocals/Rhythm Guitar – Niamh Rowe, Vocals/Rhythm Guitar – Fiona Skelly, Bass Guitar – Tim Cunningham and Drums – Jim Sharrock . Nepotism aside they have what it takes to be performing at this level. Check the links below to delve a little deeper…




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