The Eyelet #27 BLEACHERS

BLEACHERS-triangle-face_0Words: Tom Morris Jones

Whilst on tour with FUN. Jack Antonoff has ever so kindly been writing the beginnings of Bleachers for our incredibly grateful ears. Inspired by the New Jersey sound of the 1980s where hair was big and hook lines were rampant, paired with his love of films by John Hughes in which soundtracks were unapologetically big, brash and brilliantly Pop, Bleachers are a band that aim to make music that can be artistic and imaginative whilst at the same time being equally important to mainstream culture without having to feel bad about it.

The two singles that are out now demonstrate this notion effortlessly. I Wanna Get Better puts to use synth lines that are reminiscent of a bygone era in which Synth Pop was created, coupled with an appropriately monumental chorus line. Rollercoaster, released only last week, wants you to choose it as your favourite summer anthem, and it has quite a compelling argument. It does this with catchy chorus hooks and captivating vocal melodies that will undeniably have you humming at your barbeque. If these two tracks are anything to go by then the album, Strange Desire, will be one to check out when it’s released on 15th July.

If Bleachers continue producing songs of this quality then the utopian idea that harks back to the 80s and 90s in which mainstream music and good music co-existed can yet be rekindled.







Words: Jim Furst

The Amazing Snakeheads hail from Glasgow and effortlessly distill the rawness of the city into some of the finest rock music we have heard of late…There are so many good bands around at the moment that the moniker of the ‘next big thing’ is bandied around that much it has become a pointless defunct catchphrase…

‘Snakeheads hit the ‘This is what it means to be in a rock band’  nail right on the head, or as it shall now be known the TWIMTBARB nail on the head….a mouthful I hear you say….It’ll be the Music Press Hashtag of the Future, mark my words!

She’s more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever met… and she fucking knows it!” with lyrics like that whats not to like?!

Signed to Domino Records their debut album Amphetamine Ballads is available from the usual sources. they are currently touring the UK…Dates can be viewed here

Check out the links below and immerse yourself in the world of The Amazing Snakeheads




The Eyelet #24 WE ARE CATCHERS

Words: Tom Morris Jones




Looking across a sun-kissed Mersey rather than Malibu palm trees, We Are Catchers (aka Peter Jackson) revel in transporting the 1960’s sound of South California across the Atlantic and placing it firmly in Merseyside. Though the similarities between the two may seem far-fetched, sonically this long distanced route has accomplished something quite spectacular.


With the help of Bill Ryder-Jones, formerly of The Coral, We Are Catchers grasp the listener’s imagination and carry them on a sunlit voyage across the pond where they can dream about life under a bluer sky. Their new self-titled record (released on Domino last month) beautifully portrays this, with warm vintage piano sounds paired with wistful, echoing falsetto.


Here is a record that could quite easily have come about in 1965 and yet so elegantly takes its place in 2014 without sounding at all dated. Hopelessly romantic and effortlessly dreamy, it’s that nostalgic polaroid photo of summer by the seaside with the edges fading.

You can catch WE ARE CATCHERS @ District Saturday 19th April playing at the Anti Fracking Gig… check out the line up HERE




Words: Tom Morris-Jones




Original, harmonious and often haunting, As Elephants Are are a band that are cementing their place on the flourishing convoy of rising guitar bands around the UK. Having released their single, “Crystal”, last October, while also bagging themselves a nomination for the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, they are now set to release a new EP, “Hand Prints”, on 31st March.

Their new single of the same name is a buoyant move towards a more upbeat and light-hearted sound. Obvious (and maybe lazy) comparisons can be made to a few current indie bands, but they themselves suggest that when writing they try to keep clear of any outside influence, creating their own eclectic sound which is distinctly unique. Whatever it is, it works.

Unfortunately their tour dates in the North West have been and gone, playing Manchester last Friday with only a few dates down South left. However, I’m sure you’ll see the band’s name on a few festival posters in the coming months.







The Eyelet #19 BANKS

img-2banks_121347260528.jpg_article_singleimageWords: Tom Morris Jones

With her otherworldly, atmospheric and dark R&B songs, BANKS quietly took the music industry by storm last year and is understandably eyeing up a chance to go even further in 2014.I, along with many, first discovered the LA based singer as a support act on The Weeknd’s European tour last year, in which she explained that she had only ever performed twice before getting noticed and called up for the slot. Talk about sharp rise to fame.


But her recent fame is more than deserved with her songs showcasing her marvellous, sultry voice to the backdrop of futuristic, slow synths. And these songs have paid dividends as last year she was nominated for the Sound of 2014 award by the BBC and was a MTV Brand New nominee. Two more reasons to check her out:-





U.S.T – The ‘Eye

The Eyelet #18 SUN KIL MOON

Words: Horatio Lombard.



Well, Here we are….SUN KIL MOON an American Folk Rock act who emerged in 2002. SKM is the vehicle for Singing, Guitar playing Songwriter Mark Kozelec. Recording over the years with various line ups Kozelec has produced five albums under the Sun Kil Moon moniker and three solo records…. February 2014 brought the sixth SKM album entitled Benji.  This dude is undoubtedly one of the most underrated singer-songwriters of his generation.

Sun Kil Moon play the End Of The Road Festival August 29th 2014


Until such Time – The ‘Eye





The Eyelet #17 SHY NATURE

SHYNAT We recently commented on how Circa Waves were trying to reinvigorate the rather neglected genre of ‘guitar music’ which was so ubiquitous in the noughties. This notion was backed up by George Ergatoudis, head of Music at BBC Radio 1, who stated only last week that he believes the British public’s appetite for guitar music is returning. And the band in this week’s Eyelet, Shy Nature, are an outfit that reinforces the notion that this slumbering cornerstone of the industry is soon to be re-awakened.

The exciting four-piece alternative rock band now reside in north London after originally meeting in Liverpool. Their songs revolve around delightful guitar and vocal melodies backed up by growling organs and drums and bass that bring the songs careering along. Combining melancholy lyrics about the pains of growing up with endearing,  buoyant music, this band hands you a stark and often confusing contrast that will find you dancing happily along to lyrics about our ‘messed up youth’.

Their new single ‘Lie Back’ was released last week off the back of a brilliant self-titled debut EP last September. Fans of music from Good Shoes, Mystery Jets and The Maccabees will no doubt love this band. See for yourself:






The Eyelet #15 KILLOTTO

KillottoWords: Tom Morris-Jones

The experimental ‘Visionary Environmental’ music of Killøtto radiates soundscapes that are probably unlike anything you’ve heard. His music provokes a myriad of images, with dreamlike and soothing synth pads, clear-cut and catchy vocal chops and an overall immersive sound that leaves you feeling both relaxed and invigorated at the same time.


This is primarily an experimental dance act, drawing influence from the fast growing plethora of experimental, post-dubstep dance producers such as XXYYXX, Mount Kimbie and Shlomo. The often minimalist recordings can change in an instant to create layered, dense sounding tracks that need to be listened to in their entirety to be fully appreciated. And you can do just that on his SoundCloud:






The Eyelet #14 REIGNWOLF

Words: Tom Morris-Jones.


In this increasingly over-produced and auto-tuned music industry in which we find ourselves, the term ‘authentic’ has eroded into a somewhat meaningless buzzword. It is a word, however, that describes Jordan Cook, A.K.A Reignwolf, in its originally intended, pure meaning.

The no holds barred Blues Rock outfit’s music doesn’t ask for permission when it occupies your ears with its relentless guitar riffs and pounding drums. And with the band recently bagging themselves a support slot for Black Sabbath on their Canadian tour, Reignwolf are forcing people to take notice. If you’re into the fuzzy, distorted, raw sounding rock vibes of The Black Keys and The White Stripes then this is an act not to pass by.

The single, In The Dark, is out now.