Sometimes we write a bit of copy to give you an idea of what a band is about, but in this case we thought we’d let the quotes do the talking… “The visceral charge of BRMC and the psychedelic adventure of Primal Scream” – (Manchester Evening News) ……..”Putting the strut back into psych” NME

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Words: Hophead


These guys embody the craft beer ethos from the ground up. A true love of beer, a vision to create their own brews and the drive to make it a successful business.


‘ShinDigger was born whilst Paul and I (George) were living together at Manchester University. We jointly invested our spare cash into a home-brewing kit. The beers were brewed in the kitchen and fermented in the basement of our student house. We soon began selling our beer at student house parties. It was here the first seeds of our business were planted.

bottles-123In Autumn 2013, armed with a small loan from the government we started delivering kegs to bars around Manchester out the back of Paul’s banged up hatchback. At the moment we are gypsy brewers – brewing at different breweries wherever we can find space.

The name ‘ShinDigger’ embodies our ethos that beer is about having a good time with your friends and enjoying the moment.’

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The Eyelet #2 MATADORS


We’ve changed the Modus Operandi of The Eyelet and decided as well as posting people who get in touch, some weeks we’ll share with you some sounds that have been invading the ‘Eyes ears…… Also we were arguing to much on who should get the weekly spot so this way everyone’s happy!

So taking the Eyelets second week is a band from Manchester called Matadors. Now we stumbled across these on Soundcloud and loved what we heard. We reckon these would be cracking live if they can live up to their recordings… As soon as we find out some more about them we’ll update. Check out their Soundcloud below… Enjoy