We love Mattas, if you enjoy cooking no doubt you have wandered its aisles in search of various ingredients at some point in your culinary adventures. If you haven’t had the pleasure…. you don’t know what you are missing. Started back in 1984, Mattas is a family run business specialising in fresh produce and every herb, spice and speciality ingredient under the sun. Essentially Mattas is an International Food Store stocking ingredients to cover dishes from Ghana, Palestine, China, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, USA…the list goes on….It also carries a decent stock of vegetarian and vegan food too….

The store can be found in Liverpool –  51 Bold Street, L1 4EU.

Cant make it into the store? You can shop on line here: MATTAS

FOOD: The Ten Pound Feast: Parsley and Cashew nut Pesto and Roast Veg Pasta. Dessert: Hot Berries and Ice Cream

Here at the Liverpool Eye we try to shop locally where and when we can.While that’s not always possible, we all know its better for the local economy, environment and you can’t deny it gives you a good feeling.

This is the first recipe in this feature and we started with something pretty simple. Some of the ingredients are store cupboard items that we presume most people will have in.

The ingredients were sourced mainly from Mattas on Bold St here in Liverpool.

photo(1)Serves 4


Pasta you can use any pasta.

For the roasted veg

2 peppers cut into large bit size pieces

1 -2 courgettes cut into chunky circles

1 red onion chopped into large bit size pieces

1 tablespoon of olive oil or rapeseed oil

Roasted veg

Get this in the oven first and while it cooks you can get on with the rest..

approx 20 mins cooking time

1. Add all the veg and oil into a large bowl , give it a really good stir so its all well covered oil , tip it onto a baking tray and cook on a high temp , keep an eye on it whiles making the pest and remove when its roasted to you liking…. just make sure the its all nice and soft …

For the pesto

75 grams of cashews lightly toasted in the oven or a frying pan

Large bunch of flat leaf parsley

2 cloves of garlic

Tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

A generous pinch of sea salt

Freshly ground pepper

A couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


approx 10 mins

1. Add the parsley, nuts, garlic and lemon into a blender or mortar and pestle; blitz or pound mixture until you’re happy with consistency

2. Then add the olive oil and  season with the salt  and pepper. Now’s a good time to taste and check if it needs any extra garlic , oil or seasoning.

Last step: Add the cooked pasta and pesto and give it a good stir, serve and add the roasted veg!



2 punnets of berries

1 tablespoon of sugar

Vanilla ice cream

1. In a small pan add 1 punnet of berry’s and the sugar, heat until the sugar has dissolved and the berry’s are nice and soft.

2. Dish out the ice cream, add some of the fresh berries to each portion and spoon over the hot berries serve! (if you have meringues they would be nice crumbled in too!)


The ingredients from Mattas totaled about £6.80

The berries were bought from £1.75 or two punnets for £3 from Christians veg stall outside Clayton Square.

We bought our ice cream for £1 from the local newsagents…

We added wine from Aldi, Toro Loco for £3.69. In future articles we will be sourcing beers and wines locally!