Ok Art lovers Liverpool has two new exhibitions opening and a third which has been running for a few weeks now but is well worth a visit…


First Up: Opening at Tate Liverpool on 6 March 2015 is Surreal Landscapes, a season of exhibitions exploring three artists, Leonora Carrington, Cathy Wilkes and György Kepes.

Leonora Carrington’s The exhibition explores the fantastical world of this celebrated member of the surrealist movement and examines Carrington’s diverse practice.

On display alongside Leonora Carrington will be the largest and most comprehensive display of work to date by Turner Prize 2008 nominated artist Cathy Wilkes. Bringing together more than a decade of the artist’s acclaimed work, this unique exhibition includes several of her large-scale sculptural installations alongside paintings, works on paper and archive materials.

Also running concurrently will be the first UK solo exhibition of Hungarian-born artist, designer and educator György Kepes (1906 – 2001), bringing together 80 photographic works and collages, dating from Kepes’s first years in the United States, for the first time.

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Group Therapy is originating from FACT’s extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, and will explore the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health. The exhibition will encourage visitors to rethink their understanding of mental health and wellbeing, by asking how far our personal wellbeing is related to the values of the society we live in and the impact of new technologies.

The exhibition will very much tie in with current societal issues. For example will The Vacuum Cleaner’s major installation Madlove, supported by the Wellcome Trust and the The British Psychological Society (BPS), address the artist’s own experience of psychiatric hospitals as punishing rather than loving environments. A collaboratively designed asylum will be created at FACT as “a safe place to go mad” in response to this.

Group Therapy will also display a variety of digital tools including apps, games and online forums to illustrate the diverse ways we use technology to manage and mediate our emotions in the 21st Century.

5 March until 17 May 2015. FREE Entry

And Last but not Least…


The exhibition examines the crossover between the visual and the sonic, with many of the selected artists working in the fields of both contemporary music and art.

BLUECOAT Curator of Listening Sam Belinfante wanted to ‘create an exhibition that interrogates the act of listening itself, rather than merely its aural objects. Listening engages the body in a multitude of ways; from the intimate pressing of an ear to a wall to the staggering din of a thunderclap that knocks you off your feet. Listening is not only the exhibition’s subject matter but also the method by which works are encountered and explored. I want visitors to be playfully arrested and surprised by the ways in which they are directed around the space and through the many different works on display.’

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 – Sun, 29 Mar 2015 FREE Entry


FrEe TICkEtS fOr ThIs: (Oc)cult @ FACT for Halloween 2013|FrEe TiCkEtS fOr ThIs :

Haxan - Animals in door

With All Hallows Eve fast approaching we cast our eye over Liverpool’s plethora of events and came across (Oc)cult @FACT.

Now, you can always rely on FACT to break the mould and this event certainly promises to do just that. Forget scary costumes and fake blood Ryan Jordan’s Possession Trance will immerse you in a live performance project exploring the crossover between cybernetics, underground rave music and (oc)cult rituals.

‘High-powered stroboscopic light is used to control home built light-sensitive hardware leading to powerful and synchronised audiovisual output signals. These signals become directly perceptible in the brain and mechanical functioning of the human body leading potentially to audiovisual hallucinations or “mystical” experience. Think Kurt Hentschlager’s Zee meets underground noise rave.’

Not for the faint hearted some might say but when its Halloween who wants wigs and pointy hats?

‘This disembodying performance will then be followed by a special screening of the 1920’s Swedish/Danish gothic horror, Haxan. Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath! Benjamin Christensen’s legendary film uses a series of dramatic vignettes to explore the scientific hypothesis that the witches of the Middle Ages suffered from the same hysteria as turn-of-the-century psychiatric patients. But the film itself is far from serious—instead it’s a witches’ brew of the scary, gross, and darkly humorous. We are proud to present this genre-defying “documentary,” with a chilling live soundtrack provided by Bronnt Industries Kapital, the moniker of UK-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell.’

This event will feature strobe lighting and will not be suitable for sufferers of epilepsy.

So to win a pair of tickets for this unique event answer this question:

Who uses Bronnt Industries Kapital as their Moniker?

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Competition closes Midnight Monday 28th and we’ll draw the winners on Tuesday 29th. Event is Wednesday 30th @ 20.00

Good Luck!

Mark Boulos #Echo @ FACT Liverpool

Mark Boulos @ Fact

FACT; many things to many people. On the rainy evening in question, it was the venue for the launch of Mark Boulos’s latest work; Echo.
The space lends itself perfectly to the installation and on entering you walk down the long, dark corridor into Gallery 1 wondering what to expect… As you turn the corner you are met with a large video screen. Scenes of early morning London shudder to life; police cars fly past…The noise is just the right side of Loud… This is a piece you take part in, three spotlights land on the floor beckoning you to stand in the eerie light. Once under the lights, you appear on screen, a ghostly reflection of yourself …. any movement you make is delayed, speech distorted, time desynchronized, ‘spatial perspective is broken and distorted’…the effect is very dreamlike or even similar to a drug a induced state (at least how we imagine a drug induced state would be!).

Inspired by neuroscientific and psychoanalytic theories of embodiment and selfhood, Echo has been developed in collaboration with Professor Olaf Blanke, Director of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Brain-Mind Institute in Lausanne. Prof. Blanke has pioneered research to induce out-of-body experiences in test subjects

We love Art that gets people involved and this installation certainly does. The work is presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival and runs 3 October – 21 November.

We highly recommend a visit..definitely go and see Boulos’s other work upstairs in Gallery 2, a collection of thought provoking documentary based works…it’s well worth a look…

Special thanks to Jen Chapman @Fact.

Until Such Time – the ‘Eye