Will Sergeant needs no introduction. ‘Least not if you are into music and have been since ,er…time began?

If you don’t know of him, he is of Echo and the Bunnymen fame where he has provided six string sonic wonder for decades. His current side project is POLTERGEIST ( alongside his artistic endeavours http://willsergeant.com ) which also features Les Pattinson (ex-Bunnyman) on bass and Nick Kilroe (current Bunnyman) on drums. What do they sound like? To quote directly from their YouTube “They create a form of rock music with its toes paddling in the dirty progressive ocean foam of the sixties and seventies and its head in the bone dry air of the present day.”

And to quote Will Sergeant himself “There are 12 notes in a scale and we intend to use most of them”

Will kindly answered the following questions for us…

TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?

Will: I have been doing a lot of backtracking of late. Listening to things I liked as a kid. For example, mid period Pink Floyd ‘Ummagumma’ or Phaedra by Tangerine Dream.

TLE: What’s the most Rock and Roll situation the band have found themselves in?

Will: Dropping and smashing a glass of Duvel Lager on David Bowies bare feet just before he was about to go on stage in Paris 1996. He forgave me the next day.

TLE: What’s been your favorite gig(of the bands) so far and why?

Will: Liverpool because of the crowd and I get to kip in my own bed.

TLE: How do you describe your sound?

Will: Dark, Atmospheric, filmic and a cheeky psychedelic finish.

TLE: How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Will: From Secondary Modern School in the early 70’s from about 11 or 12 years old.

TLE: How has your music evolved since you started playing together?

Will: We are more competent now. We can get everything just right a lot quicker.

TLE: What are your rehearsals generally like?

Will: Loud, intense and fun with many cups of tea and even biscuits sometimes.

TLE: What the ultimate direction for the band?

Will: We never try to direct anything to much, just set off and see where it leads.

TLE: How do you write your songs?

Will: Ideas form in our minds this transfers to our finger tips, then to the metal strings on our instruments creating pleasant vibrations that can change the air pressure on our eardrums. We jam said vibes then to try and improve the construction and arrangement add a bit of fairy dust and bob’s your uncle.

TLE: What do you think the music reflects about you as people, or is it pure escapism?

Will: There are themes and meaning to the songs but we don’t mind the listener having their own journey to the center of the mind. So if escapism you are after we hold the key’s to unlock your mind and set it free.

TLE: What’s the hardest aspect of being in a band?

Will: There are no hard things. We travel the world get treated like gods make people happy and get paid for it.

TLE: What’s the one rule that must remain unbroken?

Will: Never have a shit in the tour bus toilet.

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