HOPHEAD: Er Boquerón – Beer without a Hangover??


The Holy Grail….Hangoverless beer!….. Okay, so if you drink enough of this you’ll still wake up with a mouth like the bottom of a birdcage BUT this does give you less of a hangover (according to those who have indulged)

Apparently this is due to the use of Meditteranean sea water from an area near Valencia, known for its purity and high mineral and electrolyte content…..Er Boquerón has one of the best mineral contents of any beer and essentially rehydrates you while you enjoy, it contains no added gas, no filtration or pasteurisation during the brewing process thus producing a light, refreshing and easy to drink beer……

Follow this link to Liverpools very own LUNYA  and give it a try!


beer 52As lovers of craft beers, microbreweries and having somebody else make decisions for you (have you ever been faced with a selection of beers and attempted to choose a few?) this company ticks all the boxes for us here at The ‘Eye. You sign up for a monthly subscription and get sent a selection of 8 beers, delivered to your door. There is also a gift option and you can send your friends a box at a reduced price….

Each month the beer is different and each box you receive comes loaded with tasting notes and an intro to the various breweries whose beer you’re drinking…Bottles total 3 quid each and delivery is free…

Whats not to like?

Check out their site HERE

Mad Hatter Brewing Company


The lovely people at Mad Hatter are doing a fine job. Brewing original fine ales is something us mere mortals only ever dream of. Sure a few of you have nearly blown the roof off your shed/garage/spareroom with your lethal home made concoctions but these guys have BOTTLES and LABELS with REAL ALE inside!!

They are also due to make the move to bigger premises located in The Baltic Triangle area of the city and start kegging and casking their brews in the new year….. Not only that they are going to be taking over the legendary brewing system that Liverpool brewing legend Stan Shaw brews on in the Wapping Brewery when he retires in March next year. This will be relocated to Mad Hatters new premises and they will be brewing Stan’s iconic beers such as Baltic Gold, Summer Ale and Stout (as well as some new ones) for landlord Simon Holt at the lovely Baltic Fleet Pub.

So bigger and better things for the Mad Hatter Brewing Company in 2014…which can only be good news for our taste buds…

We’ll be keeping you upshdated of any developmensh as they arise…cheers…*hic*….