Stir It Up!: Marley Coffee


Lively up your mornings with this sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted organic coffee. The Marley coffee company was founded by Rohan Marley and his friend Shane Whittle. Not only do they grow in Jamaica they also have partners in Africa and Central America.

The Liverpool Eye are advocates of all things organic, but this company also gives 10% of its profits to the Kicks For Cause Foundation. The Foundation aims to build soccer camps and pitches for children of the coffee producing communities worldwide. The International Labour Organization estimates 250m children work and 120 million work full time. Children, especially in agricultural communities often work to help their families survive with children making up 7-12% of the workforce, more than any other economic sector.

With roasts named after Marley snrs songs such as, One Love and Buffalo Soldier, whats not to like?

Check out the Marley Coffee Site Here

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