SEE: Toxteth Superstore Wins BBC4 Award



For years the store operated in a similar manner but without the focus solely on food, it was more of a chandlers too….then a few years back it was taken over by its current owners and the rest as they say is history…

Judges in the BBC Food and Farming Awards 2015 said the store is playing a vital role in assisting the ‘transformation’ of the area….and when you pay a visit you can’t deny that the place is buzzing…

The area has seen a shift over the years due to many other influences too. Such as various community events, The Credit Union, the on going work of GTDT and the many store owners and residents to who invest time and energy in making it a better place to live and work on a daily basis.

(As ever The Liverpool Echo managed to inaccurately report that it had moved into an old Kwik Save store but back in reality, this happens to be its sister store at the top of Smithdown Rd.)


The store sells thousands of foods imported from all over the world, fresh veg & fruit, meat, fish, herbs and spices…

The store competed for the award against two other shops in Gloucester and Aberystwyth.

The judges said: “Lodge Lane in Toxteth has a chequered past of problems, but in recent years the area has changed and become more vibrant, with food being at the heart of the community’s transformation.’

‘Liverpool 8 has played a vital role in changing a once intimidating space into a bustling one, offering a sense of community for a diverse customer base, as well as selling an abundance of herbs, spices, fresh vegetables and authentic imported ingredients.’

The store was announced as the winner at the BBC Food and Farming Awards in Bristol.

It may be fair to say that since the demise of Granby St, that Lodge Lane has picked up where Granby left off and this is vital to the local community. What happened to Granby still leaves a bad taste in many a locals mouth…  The recent housing regeneration and the saving of the streets surrounding (thanks to Granby Four Streets CLT) et al has gone someway to readdressing the demise of the area in the late eighties due to rising unemployment and the negativity following the riots …but will never replace the Granby many called home. Granby Street 1968

It would be great to see new investment in the area following this bout of publicity. The area is definitely undergoing a shift with the building of the new Archbishop Blanch site just up the road on Smithdown about to bring an influx of people to the area. Fat Joe has also announced the £1 houses around Smithdown and it would be lovely to see the derelict shops opposite the graveyard eventually become regenerated too….

Congratulations to all at the store and may the area as a whole continue to rise. While on the subject of L8…check out  L8 Unseen @ Museum of Liverpool.

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