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I’m Kieran. I perform and release music as Bye Louis.


I’ve just self-released a single called Give Me Your Dream, and have another single called Meet Me out shortly. Give Me Your Dream has a silly video to go with it too.

I’m also almost ready to put out a 7-track release on Emotion Wave called The Same Boy. I’ve been working on that with Sean (Foxen Cyn) in his haunted home studio on and off for a year now.


Give Me Your Dream was last week, Meet Me will be out on Sunday, and The Same Boy will come out in the next couple of months. We’ll have an exact date soon.





I’m on a train from Rock Ferry to Bootle. We’re just pulling into Hamilton Square.


I write songs because it’s calming as well as exciting. At its best, songwriting straightens my head about something I didn’t fully understand prior to writing the thing, and it comes from a place I don’t really understand. It’s like magic.

I feel vulnerable exposing some part of me through sharing my songs, but it’s therapeutic.

I also often feel a sense of wanting validation when sharing my music. Which can mean indulging a really crappy part of me. But it also allows me to recognise that crappy part of me for what it is and move away from it.

So, for example, if I send something to a stranger in the local music press or something and they don’t get back to me, I might feel annoyed (“Why won’t you validate me?”) or I might feel not annoyed at all (“Validation is not the aim.”).


Reinforcing the fact that the process and performance is the important thing, rather than any kind of recognition, is really important. It’s a good lesson for all aspects of my life.

I am the judge of my own self-worth. If I situate my self-worth externally, I’m bound to overthink and feel like shit more often.

It’s all a means of self development. And if I sing about stuff that matters to me, I hope that it might make someone think differently or feel connected in some way.


Writing music is the process of bringing certain daydreams into the real world. I don’t really know how I go about it usually. I just try to catch the idea when it’s there.



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