Mark Boulos #Echo @ FACT Liverpool

Mark Boulos @ Fact

FACT; many things to many people. On the rainy evening in question, it was the venue for the launch of Mark Boulos’s latest work; Echo.
The space lends itself perfectly to the installation and on entering you walk down the long, dark corridor into Gallery 1 wondering what to expect… As you turn the corner you are met with a large video screen. Scenes of early morning London shudder to life; police cars fly past…The noise is just the right side of Loud… This is a piece you take part in, three spotlights land on the floor beckoning you to stand in the eerie light. Once under the lights, you appear on screen, a ghostly reflection of yourself …. any movement you make is delayed, speech distorted, time desynchronized, ‘spatial perspective is broken and distorted’…the effect is very dreamlike or even similar to a drug a induced state (at least how we imagine a drug induced state would be!).

Inspired by neuroscientific and psychoanalytic theories of embodiment and selfhood, Echo has been developed in collaboration with Professor Olaf Blanke, Director of the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Brain-Mind Institute in Lausanne. Prof. Blanke has pioneered research to induce out-of-body experiences in test subjects

We love Art that gets people involved and this installation certainly does. The work is presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival and runs 3 October – 21 November.

We highly recommend a visit..definitely go and see Boulos’s other work upstairs in Gallery 2, a collection of thought provoking documentary based works…it’s well worth a look…

Special thanks to Jen Chapman @Fact.

Until Such Time – the ‘Eye

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