HURWUNDEKI: A Cut and A Curry



We took a trip to the smoke recently and stayed around Shoreditch. One day, on the way to Bethnal Green tube station we strolled past HURWUNDEKI and immediately fell in love with its take on the age old format of your usual hairdressers. Its very rustic inside, with stripped back walls and vintage furniture. A million miles from the polished aesthetic of most hair salons. Not only that it also contains a Cafe, Vintage Boutique (we hear they stocks pieces from up and coming designers along side vintage clothing too.) and a Korean Restaurant to boot..

They specialise in 15 minute haircuts. charging £9 for men and £14 for women… And a £10 meal deal with 1 main + 1 side + 1 gim (dried seaweed). We think more barbers/hairdressers should follow suit.. Not only on their pricing structure but combining services under one roof too, definitely makes for a more interesting trip to get ones coiffure tended to…

HURWUNDEKI is owned by Korean hairstylist Ki-Chul Lee.  He also owns a cafe/restaurant on the island of his birth, Jeju (one of the 9 provinces of South Korea). Osorock serves organic food using homegrown veg…this is his  first step in taking the brand global…he is looking to Beijing for his next venture…

So next time your darn the East End check HURWUNDEKI out.

299 Cambridge Heath Road.

Tel: 020 7749 0638

Until Such Time – The ‘Eye



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