Words: James Furst.

bike-contest-levi-commuter1-940x591The Denny: Teague x Sizemore (Teague design and make things, Sizemore make bikes) beat five other design teams to win the Bike Design Project competition to come up with the next wave urban bike. Five teams from five cycling centric cities competed to come up an innovative design working to this brief  In conjunction with Fuji Bikes the design will go into production and will be in the shops for 2015…at least stateside anyway.

While it is very much an urban bike it’ll be interesting to see the reaction from true enthusiasts and cyclists who use a bike as their everyday mode of transport. who may just see this as a posers bike…..We’ll see.


Personally though I think its great and the lovely touches such as the handle bar/lock combo, the automated lights and the electric assist and not forgetting the great design of the frame tick all the boxes for me. Overall its a great looking bike and relatively understated with all things considered.

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