The Second Coming? You could say that, but we see it as more of a hiatus in what looks to be a long career for Jonny Brown and the band..

And rightly so, you don’t get to No1 in the physical charts unless your making sounds that connect with people and evidently that’s what they have done with the latest release.

You can catch TWISTED WHEEL on tour now as they roll across the UK – Plus they support Liam Gallagher Ft Richard Ashcroft & Bugzy Malone at Old Trafford cricket ground this Saturday August 18

We sent the best questions we received from you (the fans) and Jonny kindly answered them for you….

1.This could be considered your second coming…what’s different this time around?

To start with, I’m more mature in some ways so I’ve found myself more as an artist. When I was younger, it was more about setting up a band and getting songs, recording an album and I don’t think I realized what I was so much. I did you know to an extent but now I’ve had more time and life experience, I know where I’m going and what I am as an artist. Also, my playing and performance is better and I can sing better live, more confident on stage. A new set of songs makes it more exciting too as it adds a lot more excitement for me which passes on to the audience. Just being back: new songs, new band, new audience and at a time when guitar music now is a bit more relevant. When we first came out, it wasn’t so much and we got overlooked a little bit but I think that now we’re getting a bit more recognition for being a good British grass-roots rock n roll band.

2.  Would you ever try a different approach to writing – electronic beats based?

I already have done and definitely will do.

3.  Who inspires you?

David Bowie because of how many times he reinvented himself but came back still being the same person. He had so many different styles and images. I am not so far as him but it’s just someone who doesn’t stop for anyone.

4.  If you could plan the rest of your career – how would it look?

It wouldn’t look like anything the past Twisted Wheel career looked like.  

5.  What’s your favourite song of all time?

El Condor Passa by Simon and Garfunkel. Is it like a Chilean folk song originally – not sure although I should be! But I just love its vibe and to sing and play it. I love the lyrics too.

6.  Who is your favourite singer?

I think John Lennon solo.

7.  If you could write/collaborate with someone who would it be?

Jamie T.  Just because he’s got a bit of a hip hop background and he’s into punk and rock.  I think we could write a song together. He’s current and I feel he’s reachable so I’ll say Jamie T.

8.  Favourite place on earth?

Deia, Mallorca.  In the mountains.

9.  What made you pick up a guitar?

Led Zeppelin: ‘The Song Remains the Same’.

I did actually pick a guitar up when I was 2. There’s a picture of me playing it with my willy!  But yeah – Led Zeppelin in Madison Square Gardens. I wanted to be like Jimmy Page. I was 8/9.

10.  What was the first song you wrote where you thought – hang on – I wanna do this?

A song by my first band ‘The Children’, ‘Set Me Free’. It was about me being an artist and a songwriter in school trying to write and not succeeding.  It was about how the band set me free, I was writing for something and performing. It was about me setting myself free to be an artist.

11.  The first time you met one of your heros – who, when and where.

I met Noel Gallagher in Ibiza at the Cafe Mambo, Sunset Strip, San Antonio. He was on the table next to us. I was 15 and went up and said hello. It was funny that seven years later I was touring with them as a support band!

12.  Is there a venue/festival you would love to play?

The pyramid stage, late at night at Glastonbury.

13. Are you spiritual?


14.  Lad’s holiday or romantic break?

Romantic break.

15.  If somebody offered you 100 million to leave music forever, would you?

Yeah and then I’d give them 30 million to leave me alone and let me do what I want.

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