The Eyelet #23 MOATS

Words: Tom Morris-Jones.



On their Facebook, Moats are listed under the genre of ‘you decide’, and I wholeheartedly agree with this notion. The ambiguity of the bracket into which they should be put comes from their ability to combine raw, gritty vocals akin to King Krule with melodies that would make many a songwriter envious, creating a truly remarkable sound.

The band are fresh from a stint at Threshold Festival and have now set their sights on a European tour later this month, but will be gracing Liverpool again at Sound City playing East Village Arts Club on 2nd May. They have also recently won a NME competition to go play Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas in October. All very encouraging.

Travelling across the pond they bring their brand new track ‘Snakepit’ which features menacing guitars, an even more spine-chilling bassline and lyrics that you can tell have been well thought out and crafted to perfection. However, the band are no one hit wonder, with their new official video for their song ‘Toothache’ managing to produce that similar sound that is somewhat indignant yet stimulating. Check it out here:





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