The Eyelet #19 BANKS

img-2banks_121347260528.jpg_article_singleimageWords: Tom Morris Jones

With her otherworldly, atmospheric and dark R&B songs, BANKS quietly took the music industry by storm last year and is understandably eyeing up a chance to go even further in 2014.I, along with many, first discovered the LA based singer as a support act on The Weeknd’s European tour last year, in which she explained that she had only ever performed twice before getting noticed and called up for the slot. Talk about sharp rise to fame.


But her recent fame is more than deserved with her songs showcasing her marvellous, sultry voice to the backdrop of futuristic, slow synths. And these songs have paid dividends as last year she was nominated for the Sound of 2014 award by the BBC and was a MTV Brand New nominee. Two more reasons to check her out:-





U.S.T – The ‘Eye

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