The Eyelet #17 SHY NATURE

SHYNAT We recently commented on how Circa Waves were trying to reinvigorate the rather neglected genre of ‘guitar music’ which was so ubiquitous in the noughties. This notion was backed up by George Ergatoudis, head of Music at BBC Radio 1, who stated only last week that he believes the British public’s appetite for guitar music is returning. And the band in this week’s Eyelet, Shy Nature, are an outfit that reinforces the notion that this slumbering cornerstone of the industry is soon to be re-awakened.

The exciting four-piece alternative rock band now reside in north London after originally meeting in Liverpool. Their songs revolve around delightful guitar and vocal melodies backed up by growling organs and drums and bass that bring the songs careering along. Combining melancholy lyrics about the pains of growing up with endearing,  buoyant music, this band hands you a stark and often confusing contrast that will find you dancing happily along to lyrics about our ‘messed up youth’.

Their new single ‘Lie Back’ was released last week off the back of a brilliant self-titled debut EP last September. Fans of music from Good Shoes, Mystery Jets and The Maccabees will no doubt love this band. See for yourself:






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