Around for about two years now The DIRTY RIVERS are reaching that point that feels like the calm before the storm. The Liverpool five piece are, Mike Ellis-Voice, Jay Roberts-Guitar, Lloyd Shearer-Bass, Ryan Ellis-Guitar, Ben Robinson-Drums. Their sound has been described thus: ‘A little bit of Oasis, a little bit Kasabian and a lot of BRMC’…..

Every now and then a band comes along that has the ingredients we reckon these are they.

Mike kindly answered a few questions for us…

TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?

Mike: The Verve, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine.

TLE: What’s the most ‘Rock and Roll’ situation the band have found themselves in?

Mike: I suppose if it’s a rock n roll moment, it would probably be when we were booked to play some terrible gig at Telford Uni for their leaving do or something. There was this rugby toff (stripy shirt and all) heckling us right at the front so I volleyed a full pint of lager in his face, he soon shut his trap. We were then advised to leave in case violence broke out, so we robbed all their ale and fucked off!

TLE: What’s been your favourite gig of the bands so far and why?

Mike: Our last London gig at the Queen of Hoxton, everything came together and we were just on fire. Liam Gallagher came down to see us but missed us but came back stage to meet us all, which was good of him.

TLE: How do you describe your sound?

Mike: Rock and Roll

TLE: How long have you known each other and how did you meet?

Mike: Me, Ben and Jay were in one band Lloyd and Ryan were in another, we liked what each other were about, so we joined forces.

TLE: How has your music evolved since you started playing together?

Mike: That’s a good question, when we first started we were happy with any songs that we wrote, they’d go in the set instantly because we weren’t great writers, we just knew how to make a noise and get a bit wild. Now we think about dynamics, really think about arrangements, we’re just getting better at what we do all the time. We just keep on taking it to the next level all the time.

TLE: What are your rehearsals generally like?

Mike: What ever the symptom is, we cure it. If we need more tunes we write one. If we need to improve a part of a tune we spend time addressing it. What ever is necessary.

TLE: What’s the ultimate direction for the band?

Mike: We cant really say to be honest, we can’t control that. What we can control is how good we are live, how good our songs are, how hard we work. If we continue to excel in those departments then we’ll see.

TLE: How do you write your songs?

Mike: There’s loads of different combinations here, it can be a jam, I can come in with a full tune or a part and we’ll finish it off together, Lloyd can come in with a part or we can develop a chord progression Ryan has made or Jay can turn up with an idea. So there’s loads of different ways we can write songs, that’s what makes us a band.

TLE: What do you think the music reflects about you as people, or is it pure escapism?

Mike: Another good question, I think these are tough and dark times and maybe that reflects in the music and lyrics. This isn’t 1967 in Haight-Ashbury, its 2013 in Liverpool where its dark and horrible, where you get one day of actual sunshine a year. The only things I look forward to are rehearsal the next gig and who Everton are playing that week. It’s got a bit of a pissed off vibe going on, which is always a good thing. It feels like we have something we want to prove to people, its got more pain to it.

TLE: What’s the hardest aspect of being in a band?

Mike: There’s nothing that’s really hard to be honest, we know what we’re doing, other bands might find things difficult I suppose, but we’re on the ball man.

TLE: What’s the one rule that must remain unbroken?

Mike: Between the months of November and March, always were two pairs of socks. Always.

Delve deeper using the links below…

Facebook You can download the band’s debut single ‘Black Heart/Filth’ for free from their page.


Soundcloud Their new single ‘The Kid’ is released June 17th


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