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Oxygen Thieves

Deltasonic’s Oxygen Thieves are, Al Fewtrell, Rob Fewtrell, Dan Tilling, Cal McMorran, who are from the Wirral. (We’re starting to wonder if Deltasonic have a lab where they produce their bands!? Either way there’s definitely something in the water over there..) Their influences include Nirvana, Pixies, Pink Floyd, Can, Radiohead and Television. Their music has been described as being filled with ‘intense, dark uncertainty’…

They play Liverpool Calling on 16th June at the Bombed Out Church with British Sea Power and head into the studio in a few weeks to record their next single.

Alex kindly answered some questions for us…

TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?
Alex: I’m currently listening to Suuns – Images du Futur…they’re playing the Kazimier in May and they’re just sick! Also listening to Savages’ debut online in anticipation for it to come out!
TLE: What’s the most ‘Rock and Roll’ situation the band have found themselves in?
Alex: The most rock n roll situation…I’d be lying if I said I liked questions like this. If you’re rock n roll you shouldn’t really think of situations as “rock ‘n’ roll”…but I don’t think I’m rock n roll so I don’t really know what I’m talking about…
TLE: What’s been your favourite gig of the bands so far and why?
Alex: I find with gigs you can have one where you really connect with a crowd and one where you might play really well but no one really understands what you’re getting at but it’s all good experience. The gig where we’ve gone down the best was probably the Kazimier gardens for Festevol. That one went well!
TLE: How do you describe your sound?
Alex: The sound is kind of half New York/Seattle (call it American) sound and half like we’re from the house we grew up in if that makes sense…musically its a bit of the Pixies/Nirvana and a bit Television and a bit Sabbath (unintentionally). I could go on but to be honest I don’t really know how to describe music! Its either good or bad. Doesn’t matter what it comes under.
TLE: How long have you known each other and how did you meet?
Alex: I’ve known my brother Rob since he was born in 1993. We started a band about 3 years ago and got Tilly (our drummer) to join as he was mates with a good mate. And then we acquired Cal a year later as the bassist through the same group of friends…
TLE: How has your music evolved since you started playing together?
Alex: With our music we’ve found we’ve got three kind of era’s where we started off where we didn’t really know what sound we were going for (which is actually a good thing) which turned out to sound a bit like Television. It then went onto a kind of grungier sound and nowadays I’ve been writing more sort of melodic kind of stuff. Kind of sounds all happy and nice but its not. I like a good trick!
TLE: What are your rehearsals generally like?
Alex: Rehearsals are to the point usually. If we write a new song you know if it’s going to be a winner because it will just click really quickly. We tend to make deals with each other where we’ll go through the set a few times and then we can have 20 minutes play time (pool table time)
TLE: What’s the ultimate direction for the band?
Alex: The ultimate direction is to be the best band in the world, not in a competition kind of “I’m better than you” attitude; but you should always be trying to better yourself!
TLE: How do you write your songs?
Alex: Songwriting is an interesting one. Songs come in all directions for me. I sometimes think of a vocal when I’m walking to the bus stop, I sometimes do the typical guitar thing where you play and jump/bump into a new idea. Rob also writes too and then sometimes we write together. Usually one of us has an idea and we sit down and work around it. We’re getting quite good at bouncing off each other these days. It used to be a bit of a competition because we’re brothers!
TLE: What do you think the music reflects about you as people, or is it pure escapism?
Alex: The music I write about is usually what I’m thinking about in my head. I think it’s a good thing to let go of real emotion so things that mean a lot to you. I actually found it hard to do that at first but now I’ll sing about anything. We also like joking about things in a kind of Kinks-esque way!
TLE: What’s the hardest aspect of being in a band?
Alex: The hardest aspect of being in a band is probably getting all your gear to gigs at the moment because we have to do it all ourselves and its just a pain in the arse. Apart from that it’s probably the disagreements when writing between me and my brother but we work around that…sometimes…
TLE: What’s the one rule that must remain unbroken?
Alex: To always have fun!
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You can download their debut single Maskara here
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