Eye to Eye #2 BIRD


Following on from last week we have another band from Liverpool, Bird. Label mates of The Tea Street Band on Jack to Phono they make a refreshing change from the usual sound you may expect from Liverpool (As do their label mates). A three piece (soon to be four?) featuring Adele (Bass/Voice), Sian (Guitar/Voice) and Lex (Drums). They have been described as ethereal, hauntingly beautiful and having a gothic sound… Their influences include; Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush, The Cocteau Twins, Warpaint, and Fleetwood Mac. Having released two critically acclaimed EP’s, they are gaining a strong following from the press and radio alike.

Adele was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?

Adele: I am currently listening to Chelsea Wolfe, Pink Floyd, Jonathan Wilson, Clint Mansell and Joy Division. Sian (guitar/vocals) is listening to The Smiths, New Order, Lana Del Rey, PINS and Makthaverskan. Lex (drums) is listening to The Beta Band, Portishead, Big Black and Nirvana.

TLE: What’s been your favourite gig far and why?

Adele: I think our favourite gig so far has to be when we played at The Epstein Theatre as part of Sound City festival this year, just to play such a big and beautiful stage in our home town of Liverpool was a bit of an honour really. It also really suited the theatrical element of our music.

TLE: What are your rehearsals usually like?

Adele: We try and practice 3-4 times a week and our rehearsals usually involve going through our set once or twice and then any remaining time we have left we’ll work on or jam out new stuff. After we’ve done the set once we’ll stop to make tea or have what we call ‘sunshine breaks’ if its nice weather outside. We often drink a ridiculous amount of tea during practice.

TLE: What do your think the music reflects about you as people? Or do you think it’s purely escapism?

Adele: I think it can be a bit if both really, I’m a pretty deep thinker so if I look back I can see that lyrics I’ve written in the past have been a reflection on what was going on in my head at that current time. But it also can also be something that comes from no where and it can surprise you. As for our music reflecting us as people then I think it must do to a certain extent yes, I think you’re creativity is a way of expressing yourself, its can be a therapeutic process and who you are comes out in the music you make.

TLE: What’s the hardest aspect of being in a band?

Adele: The hardest aspect of being in a band is the struggle to make a living out of doing what you love and with it being such a competitive business with so many talented people out there that you wonder if you even have a chance at it. But at the end of the day there’s no other option, I can speak for all of us when I say that if we didn’t have music or a creative outlet then I think we’d all be pretty depressed!Creativity is the thing that keeps you going throughout mundane life. But if you believe in yourself you just have to hope that others will too.

TLE: How would you describe your sound?

Adele: I’d say our sound was dark, shoegazey and tribal with a slightly gothic element to it. We also love really reverby vocals!


-Until Such Time

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