John Lennon McCullagh; is that his real name we hear you cry!? It is indeed. And it’s one you will be hearing a lot more of over the years to come. If we were his folks we’d have squeezed an Ian in there too and he would have had two iconic Liverpool musicians as his moniker.

That aside, he has signed to Alan McGee’s new label 359 and recorded his debut album which is scheduled for release October 14th.

To quote Courtney Love, “Who is this 15 year old kid doing Dylan better than Dylan?”

John kindly answered the following questions for us.

TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?

JLM: Bit of everything really, really into this bloke from the 60’s called Val Stoecklein who only made one solo record called Grey Life, it’s genius one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Also massively into Van Morrison at the minute, and bit of Leonard Cohen all that sort of stuff.

TLE: What’s the most Rock and Roll situation you have found yourself in?

JLM: Being seated next to Ian Skelly from the Coral at the Liverpool Music Awards, supporting Richard Hawley in Sheffield…and of course signing to McGee’s new record label.

TLE: What’s been your favourite gig of yours so far and why?

JLM: My favourite so far was supporting Richard Hawley at the Electric Palace, Bridport. It was an old theatre, and was full, it just had an amazing vibe in the air. To see Richard working up close and personal learnt me more than any maths text book could.

TLE: Has school taken a back seat!?

JLM: School has always taken a backseat in my life when it comes to music haha

TLE: What do your friends make of your new found fame?

JLM: Don’t get much time to see them now, I think their happy with it?

TLE: How do you describe your sound?

JLM: Myself, John Lennon McCullagh

TLE: How has your music evolved since you started playing?

JLM: I’d say its evolved quite a bit in terms of songwriting, singing and playing, and just in general in front of a crowd.

TLE: Who are you influences and what’s the last record you bought?

JLM: My influences include many people, mainly; Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Van Morrison, Marc Bolan & T.REX, Frank Sinatra…the last record I bought was Leonard Cohens first album “Songs of Leonard Cohen”

TLE: How do you write your songs?

JLM: I don’t know really, they just come to you at any minute, when you’re least expecting it.

TLE: What do you think the music reflects about you, or is it pure escapism?

JLM: Most of my songs are written about day to day life and things i see, but some are just escaping the normal surroundings and going somewhere else.

TLE: What’s the hardest aspect of being a solo artist?

JLM: The band will come eventually, at the minute I really love being on my own, because when you’re playing live, you control the show, you can change the songs, or change anything.

TLE: How did Alan Mcgee come to hear about you?

JLM: Al seen me doing a gig in Rotherham, at the time I only did Dylan songs cos i didn’t have any of my own, and he was really into it, so he invited me to a Liverpool gig he was djing and it’s all gone from there.

TLE: What’s the one rule that must remain unbroken?

JLM: Stay true to you’re roots and don’t forget where you come from.


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Until Such Time… The ‘Eye.


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