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Stable mate of John Lennon McCullagh and Chris Grant, Tess Parks is a million miles from their style of music and attitude. Which says a lot for Alan McGee’s label 359. Tess Parks is a musician and photographer born and raised in Toronto. She moved to London at seventeen years of age to pursue music and to study photography and has played as a solo act for the past four years between the UK and Canada. After moving reluctantly back to Toronto, she put together a psychedelic backing band, The Good People, in 2012.

The band comprises of guitarist Andrew McGill, and her record’s producer Thomas Paxton-Beesley and bassist Thomas Huhtala

We could list who we think she sounds like but a) we find that tactic a bit tasteless and b) the whole idea here is you look into her recordings without preconceived ideas, ya dig?

Tess kindly answered the following questions for us:


TLE: What are you listening to at the moment?

TP: Getting hyped up to see Primal Scream next month! A lot of them! 

 TLE: What’s the most Rock and Roll situation you’ve found yourself in?

TP: Meeting Alan McGee is the most rock and roll situation for sure. 

 TLE: What’s been your favourite gig so far and why?

TP: My favourite gig to play? I think playing with the Psychic Ills in Toronto was the best!! Or playing in New York in October. That was great. The best gig I ever went to of a band I love is seeing Oasis play for the first time in 2002. 

 TLE: How has your music evolved since you started playing?

TP: Since forming the band, it’s become a lot more rock and roll and happier! I’ve become a lot more aware of my voice and comfortable with it.

 TLE: What are your rehearsals generally like?

TP: We all just play and have a good time! Very chilled out. And then we break into random covers sometimes, we joke around and jam ‘When the Levee Breaks’ which is hilarious. Rehearsals are super fun. 

TLE: What’s the ultimate direction for you?

TP: Just feeling fulfilled with my music and to be happy forever. 

TLE: How do you write your songs?

TP: They just come to me, really. Inspiration comes in waves. Sometimes I don’t write for weeks or months and then other days I’ll write eight songs a day. But I write lyrics separately and then I’ll be playing guitar one day and come up with a few chords and then put lyrics I’ve already got over it and see if it works. I don’t really know where any of it comes from. I never toil over songs, they just get written really fast. 

 TLE:  What do you think the music reflects about you, or is it pure escapism?

TP: It’s escapism but it’s also a way of expressing myself and it feels really good. 

 TLE: What do the next 12 months hold for you?

TP: That’s a good question! I have no idea! It’s great!

 TLE: Tess Parks in 5 words?


 TLE: What’s the one rule that must remain unbroken?



Tess plays District here in Liverpool tonight 06 December.

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