I’m going to keep this simple – Whether you’re a Lennon or Yoko fan (or both) Double Fantasy will be right up your street.

The exhibition contains some major iconic pieces. It’s beautifully curated/presented, flows well and gives you a good shot of the public view of John And Yoko’s relationship – with glimpses into their private life.

Stand Out Pieces – John’s New York t-shirt – that army shirt – the Bed – Yoko’s ladder – The center of the room has John’s round national health specs facing Yoko’s sunglasses – which as well as being iconic just represents them so well.

There’s lots of footage/interviews to be seen and a couple of really thought provoking pieces included a poster of the number of people killed since John was gunned down…



Large black and white maps of the world adorn the walls – were you are encouraged to colour in countries you think needs peace the most….

The weightier exhibits are balanced by the whimsical pieces displayed and the karaoke booth

where you can belt out you favourite songs…



The exhibition celebrates the meeting of two of the world’s most creative artists who expressed their deep and powerful love for one another through their art, music and film. They used their fame and influence to campaign for peace and human rights across the world, transforming not only their own lives, but art, music and activism forever.
The exhibition includes never-before-seen items from John and Yoko’s personal collection. Featuring photographs, handwritten lyrics and personal objects, alongside music, film and art produced by both John and Yoko.


Its an emotional journey, at times thought provoking, funny, touching, the themes of Love & Peace run throughout.

John & Yoko’s work is still as vital today, if not more so, in our ever decreasing ‘peaceful world’


Double Fantasy opens 18.5.18 @ Museum of Liverpool – Albert Dock













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