Circles of Care


grey eyeHow far does your Circle of Care extend? For some it doesn’t go beyond themselves, for others its their kids, partner, family. Clicktivism has some people extending their CoC to worldwide concerns from the comfort of their armchairs, while other will get down and dirty with true activism. Fighting the fight on the front lines. With what’s going on in the world at the moment its hard not to give a shit about world affairs. More often than not though your left thinking ‘What can I do about that?’ then you go about your daily business.

While your Circle of Care is ultimately about self preservation I think when faced with natural disasters, wars, economic downturns, etc it sees people retreating and caring less? Because the weight of the problems leaves you feeling powerless and demotivated. When what the world really needs is more people to question what’s going on and extend their CoC further.

I’ll use Facebook as my case in point. You browse around clicking like on peoples posts and pages and before you know it you have all sorts in your feed about Worldwide causes needing your attention.

I suddenly had about five sites which report on misinformation spread by the American government and the host of stuff they get away with, on a daily basis and have done for years. I mean we all know about JFK, right?, True Activist,Gathering of the minds,, the Max Kaiser report. all of these sites suddenly dominating my feed. You are provided with a mass of facts that are hard to deny ( and i think most will agree corruption runs deep in politics around the world) But, WHAT DO WE DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. Take to the streets armed with facts? I want to see change in the world and stop the capitalist rot that is destroying everything in its path. But the question remains. HOW?

We have been divided, distracted and dis-informed for too long. The majority of folks live in a lovely warm ignorant bubble. The truth is once its been popped, there’s no going back.


-Until Such Time.


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