Sefton Park Meadows

Recently it was announced that the ‘Meadows had been saved. Which at first glance is obviously great news because who wants another REDROW development in Liverpool, right?

What stuck in my mind though was the fact our Mayor said that there had to be a ‘viable solution’

A quote from the ECHO reads – ‘He made it very clear that the land cannot remain unused – and suggested either an allotment or community garden as an alternative.

Mayor Anderson said: “I am happy to concede that there will be no housing development on Sefton Park Meadows, but there does need to be a viable solution.’

What ever happened to being allowed to enjoy green space? Why does there need to be a viable solution?

Mayor Joe who was ‘happy to concede’ because they had decided to build 37000 (37000!!) houses on the old garden festival site…(Can they really fit 37000 houses on the site, or was this a typo in the Echo).

He goes on to say…’So I am happy to leave Sefton Park Meadows but only if it is used.If it is used as a green space that is fine by me, as long as it is used, but we can’t just leave it as it is.

We can’t just leave it as it is?

Why can’t it just be left as a green space? Why does a green space suddenly have to fulfill a purpose?  Can it not just serve as visual break from built up areas, somewhere you can choose to enjoy on a whim? Imagine we took this standpoint on all ‘unused’ green spaces in the city.

Again to quote the ECHO – ‘One of Mayor Anderson’s early suggestions would be that the Transforming Choice charity, which helps homeless alcoholics and is based near to the site – could use the area as a therapeutic allotment for its residents.’

We spoke to a local resident Ken Phillips – ‘We already have a lot of allotment space around Liverpool, so why not ring fence some plots for this kind of usage? I can’t think of anything worse than an allotment popping up, which would have to be fenced off to stop people gaining access and potentially become an eyesore very quickly’.

He added – ‘It seems in conceding Joe feels he still has to put his stamp on the meadows any way, against the will of many’.

After years of tireless campaigning Save Sefton Park Meadows continue to shine a light on the Meadows. Their most recent article is below and highlights some of the latest concerns….

Visit their site to see how you can get involved and have your say on it’s future and the future of other green spaces in Liverpool.

Text below taken from

No Formal Policy Protection for Meadows in New Local Plan

The Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft January 2018 has now been published for Public Consultation.

From our reading, we conclude that the Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft January 2018 is not Legally Compliant or Sound.

Our campaign group has put together Local Plan 2018 SPM comments to highlight our concerns over the continuing lack of protection for the Meadows and other greenspaces in this Draft Local Plan. We need supporters to comment and challenge this Local Plan to provide clear, unambiguous policy protection for Sefton Park Meadows, Green Space and Green Wedge across the city. You can refer to these comments in your representations if they are helpful.

We are also sending our more detailed representations to the Council.

The Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 Pre-submission draft and all Supporting Documents, including FAQ’s and how to comment can be found here

All representations must be submitted by the deadline of Friday 9 March 2018.

 Reduced status in new Open Spaces Report & Assessment

The new updated LCC Open Space Report Standards April 2017 is also finally published as a Supporting Document with the Local Plan. It reveals that the Meadows has been redesignated to Amenity Greenspace of ‘Low Quality or Value’. This is a significant change from the Open Spaces Report 2005 where the Meadows was clearly shown as part of Sefton Park and High Value/ Quality. No consultation has been held on these changes.

Comments can be made online, by email or by post. Although the Council website strongly recommends that you comment online on the Local Plan specific chapters, sections, policies or tables, this appears to be a very onerous and time consuming process.  You can download our Local Plan SPM comments list of 6 representations (link given above) and send it with your contact details to the Council by email, post or in person (see details below).

Alternatively, download the Council’s 4 page liverpool-local-plan-representation-form, fill in your details, attach our SPM Comments list of 6 representations, and/or your own comments,  and send to the Council.

All completed forms and comments can be sent:

by email to:

by post to: Submission Draft Liverpool Local Plan Consultation, Development Plans, FREEPOST RRUK-HRTT-LATT, Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool L3 1DS.

Or in person to the Cunard Building offices.


Drop-in information events by the Council

Come and find out more about the draft plan and how to comment on it.

20th February 2018: 11am – 5:30pm. Bean There Café 376 Smithdown Rd, L15 5AN.

• 1st March 2018: 11am-7pm. Central Library, William Brown Street, L3 8EW.

You can make comments related to Sefton Park Meadows and other green open spaces across Liverpool or any other matters in the Local Plan that interest you. Your comments will be considered by an independent inspector in the preparation for the next stage of the plan.

What happens next

April-December 2018: Draft plan will be submitted for an independent examination. The Inspector must consider all comments and representations made as part of this consultation.

December 2018-January 2019: Council to adopt the plan and the legal challenge period starts.

So it is important that we get as many representations made as possible at this stage to highlight the lack of protection for the Meadows and Green Space in the Liverpool Local Plan January 2018 document.

The Mayor of Liverpool has confirmed to the Echo that no houses will be built on Sefton Park Meadows, but gives no protection in his 15 year Local Plan.  He now also appears intent on finding a ‘use’ for the Meadows. We have proved its worth now, and no development can ‘improve’ this heritage greenspace.

Please share this information with family and friends.

Remember to submit comments on the Liverpool Local Plan 2013 -2033 to the Council before the Friday 9 March 2018 deadline.

Thank you!

Quotes taken from an article that appeared on the Liverpool Echo website. You can read the full article HERE




The UK’s first ever national live music census took place in spring 2017: for 24 hours from noon on Thursday 9th March, an army of volunteers went out and about to live music events in Glasgow, Newcastle-Gateshead, Oxford, Leeds, Southampton and Brighton (and 1st June in Liverpool), from pub gigs to massed choirs to arena concerts. A nationwide online survey for musicians, venues, promoters and audiences was online from March until June.

The intention was to help measure live music’s cultural and economic value, discover what challenges the sector is facing and inform policy to help it flourish. The census covers all genres and takes a broad definition of live music to include events featuring DJs.

The UK Live Music Census was organised by researchers from the Live Music Exchange research group, a collaboration across the universities of Edinburgh, Newcastle and the University of Turku (Finland). In 2015, the same researchers organised a pilot live music census in Edinburgh, inspired by work in Melbourne by Dobe Newton in 2012.


Text above taken directly from head over to read more and dig into the resources and links available.






This Saturday sees the release of Nick’s LP at the Scandinavian Church here in Liverpool. The album was recorded in one take in the old historic Crown Court Room of St George’s Hall, so your gonna get a similar acoustic in the church….a perfect spot for the launch show….

Tickets are extremely limited so please purchase in advance to avoid disappointment. Entry is £9 per ticket or £20 which includes ticket and a copy of the album on limited edition vinyl.


‘Daylight Ghosts’ will be available online through Mellowtone Records here on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl from a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide.


  1. Darker shade of black Jackie Mittoo- 3:14
  2. Since I found my baby The Metros 2:40
  3. Gangsters The Specials 2:55
  4. Mary Anne with the shaky hand (mono-version) The Who 2:35
  5. Sister Mamie Yusef Lateef 5:29


For those of you who don’t know John Robb divides his time between being an Author, Singer/Bass player for the THE MEMBRANES, & GOLDBLADE, Chat show host – His new chat show  SOUNDCHECK launched last week, Website owner – LOUDER THAN WAR,  Columnist, Talking head,  Record label owner LOUDER THAN WAR RECORDS..the list goes on (I’m knackered just thinking about it).

The band have a remix of their INNER SPACE/OUTER SPACE LP coming out on LOUDER THAN WAR RECORDS 4/11/16 with tunes remixed by Reverend & the Makers, Killing Joke, the Manic Street Preachers and many more (check below the playlist for more info )

So hot on the heels from The MEMBRANES tearing the MAGNET a new one, we asked John to pick 5 tunes that are inspiring him right now, he’s given us a cracking playlist with a few tunes weighing in over 8 minutes…Let the Music play on.


  1. Jigsaw Feeling Siouxsie and the Banshees 4:38
  2. Die Interimsliebenden Neubauten 5:03
  3. Torn by the Fox of the Crescent Moon Earth 8:54
  4. Death is the Road to Awe Clint Mansell 8:27
  5. Spiegel Im Spiegel Arvo Part 9:09

‘Inner Space/Outer Space’ features remixes of whole of the Dark Matter/Dark Energy album by Mark Lanegan, Killing Joke,Clint Mansell, Manic Street Preachers, The Pop Group,Einsturzende Neubauten, Therapy, Cosey Fanni, Keith Levene, Reverend And The Makers, Godflesh and many others that stretch the songs into new shapes which the band loved as they never play the same song in the same way themselves.

membranios1. Manic Street Preachers ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’
2. Mark Lanegan ‘ Dark Energy’
3. Clint Mansell ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light’
4. Godflesh ‘21st Century Man’
5. Keith Levene ‘Dark Matter’
6. Reverend And The Makers ‘Space Junk dub’
7. Phillip Boa ‘Do The Supernova’
8. Mark Stewart (the Pop Group) Space Junk
9. Youth (Killing Joke) Hail To The Lovers
10. Carter Tutti ‘In The Graveyard’
10. Therapy ‘Hail To The Lovers’
11. Die Fliedermaus ‘The Breathing Song’
12. Therapy ‘Hail To The Lovers’
13. Tunnelmental ‘Money Is Dust’
14. In The Nursey ‘5776 (The breathing Song)’
15. Inca Babies ‘In The Graveyard’
16. Barfak ‘Magic Eye (To See The Sky)’
17. Alexander Hacke (Einsturzende Neubauten) ‘Hum Of The Universe’
The double album is about the universe and death and was a diverse work that ranged from dislocated post punk to drone rock to neo classical to dark dub and cranked agit funk. Many websites and magazines called it one of the albums of the year and so have many musicians. So many musicians that the band decided to ask some of them to remix a track each and a remix of the whole double album has been done.

JUNKY #6 LIQUIDATION – Freaks, Geeks and Cliques

LIQUIDATION returns this Saturday 17th September. Now in a new home at the newly refurbed basement of  HEEBIES

EBGBS promises to be a ‘Spectacular Inferno of Debauchery’….So what better place for LIQUIDATION to be housed.

Head over to BIDO LITO for a tasty scoop on the return:

The new look Liquidation night features live music (The Floormen and RongoRongo grace the opening night) and the usual party-starting dance floor fillers from the team which has supplied Liverpool with a reliably excellent club night for the last 23 years.’ – BIDO LITO



  1. Way We Wont GRANDADDY 4:21
  2. Foxglove HAARM 3:12
  3. Joan Of Arc Jamie T 3:34
  4. Murdered Out Kim Gordon 3:36
  5. Enjoy Yourself Prince Buster 3:05


JUNKY 5 courtesy of Mr Jamie Roberts whose new musical collective is adjusting mindsets nationwide.

WILD FRUIT ART COLLECTIVE are tearing a belligerent and feral pysch noise hole in the fabric of music as we know it.


Cheers for taking the time dude 😉

  1. hyperballad Bjork 4:00
  2. Standing in the cold Drenge 5:36
  3. Clay Echo & the Bunnymen 4:17
  4. -ecstasy- ICEAGE 2:30
  5. THE Whale Song Modest Mouse 6:05


This one is out a bit later than promised, but as the saying goes better late than never…I guess if I asked Andy again to send tunes over the 5 probably would’ve changed in the time that’s passed…

Nevertheless hes picked five boss songs. Apart from being a great music photographer and writer he also has the best put downs and on liners on Facebook…

Head over to his Website THEVPME.COM and check out his work….to pull a line from his write up on Festival No6 ‘ …been shat on by an incontinent Pterodactyl’ classic…..

Head over to his site – great pictures and poetic writing…Thanks for taking the time dude 😉

  1. angelic milk-Tie Me Up 3:16
  2. Hater - _First Time_ (Official video) 2:59
  3. Pink Flames - I'm Just A Star On A Democratic Flag 3:19
  4. YASSASSIN - Social Politics 4:05


Our new feature PROPERGANDER throws the best of our favourite sites your way, its a slimmed down version so head over to the original site for more content…links to be found below…


Under a psychedelic moon of fiery red rose a hallucinogenic idea, Skeleton Coast Festival, designed to bring the most mid-expanding, psychotropic trip to Merseyside’s bohemian music scene in well over a decade.

It’s very rare that Wirral is blessed with great music events – missing out to sisters and brothers across the Mersey, but, Coda Maine Presents are changing that, partnering up with Skeleton Key and Hoylake Beacon, the debut of Skeleton Coast Festival on Hoylake Parade on Saturday 6th August is set to go down in local folklore.

Boasting DJ sets from The Coral and Johnny Thieves, food, vinyl and clothes stalls, Skeleton Coast is appealing to the masses, adding more variety to the 16-act strong lineup.

Speaking to Coda’s main guy, Martin Moseley, he said: “It’s been in the pipeline for quite a while now.

“Both myself and Alfie (Skelly) being Wirral folk, we have spoken at length for a couple of years of how a small festival would go down in the area.”

The idea of Coda Maine Presents stemmed from Martin’s previous bar, venue and local holy grail, The Coda Maine – a venue that gave many local artists their chance to shine including Marvin Powell and Jo Mary. Since the sad closure of the venue, Martin conceived Coda Main Presents in an attempt to keep the music alive and now, the once small-time company has started venturing outside the peninsula, growing ever-so-more by the day.

In Martin’s opinion, the last festival to be of any note was 13 years ago, A Mid Summers Night Scream, New Brighton which included artists such as The Coral and The Libertines, so there’s certainly been a huge gaping hole in Wirral’s live calendar, leaving room for Skeleton Coast to grow.

Boasting artists such as She Drew The Gun, The Wicked Whispers, By The Sea and Edgar Summertyme Jones, Skeleton Coast’s line-up mirrors the successes of Merseyside: “We were a tad selfish when choosing the lineup, approaching all our favourite local acts to play.”
Other acts include: trippy youngsters Psycho Comedy, hotly tipped Minnetonka, our favourite singer-songwriter, Marvin Powell, GIT award nominees, Rongorongo, barmy Bathymetry, telephone loving Tom Low – breathe -, grunge rock fivesome, The Floormen, the mysterious Mysterines, crazy cats Buffalo Riot and cool kid, Rory Wynne.

With enough variety for everyone, there has been many a debate over what state the music scene is in Wirral, Martin said: “Merseyside has a fantastic scene, Wirral always seems to over-looked though… most Wirral acts always get labelled as hailing from Liverpool – which isn’t the case, we have The Coral, The Sundowners, She Drew The Gun, Bill Ryder Jones, By The Sea and young promising acts like The Mysterines and Jo Mary – the list is actually endless.”

Also throwing one of the UK’s biggest success stories of the underground, The Wytches to stir up the pot, the foreboding grunge sound will only compliment the local river song.
The Wytches – Ruth Kilpatrick
As for any surprises, i’m sure goers will be in for a treat: “I was all for midget waiters but it was slightly over budget for us.” Martin told us.”The Birkenhead tranny is hotly tipped to join The Wytches on stage and I believe there will be a preview of the much anticipated seasonal album ‘Ian Skelly Does Christmas’ oh and Bob Picken will be playing in drag!” – Martin’s got it covered.

However, the team remain optimistic: “There’s been a really positive response and loads of interest from what i’ve heard, the only downside is that ticket sales for gigs ain’t what they used to be so locals need stand up and be counted.

“Even if ten people come we’ll still be doing something that’s not being done over here.”If you book them, they will come” Jim Morrison – Wayne’s World 2.”

Skeleton Coast is set to be the jamboree of the century, and who knows, when asked if it’ll be happening again next year, the reply: “Yes definitely if people get behind it, there’s a lot of potential for festivals on the Wirral with some amazing spaces so the scope for next year is huge!”

For more information visit the Skeleton Coast Festival event page. Tickets are £20 and can be found here





A man (who for most) needs no intro, creator of THRESHOLD festival, spinner of vinyl here and there, speaker of truths on various music industry panels and of course much more besides……and dare we say it, MUSIC JUNKY….we give you 5 of Chris’s current favourites……thanks for taking time time dude!

Here’s to THRESHOLD 2017

As ever with the artists featured on JUNKY we urge you to seek them out, buy their tunes & go and see them in the flesh….x



  1. BadBadNotGood - Time Moves Slow feat. Sam Herring 4:34
  2. DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak (feat. Run the Jewels) 3:18
  3. Metronomy - Old Skool 4:28
  4. Michael Kiwanuka - Black Man In A White World 3:34
  5. She Drew The Gun - Poem 4:30


Junky 2 sees Neil Grant sharing the 5 tunes that are twisting his melon man…. known to many for his musical output as LO FIVE and EMOTION WAVE the electronica night he hosts …check the link HERE for the EMOTION WAVE group if you want to link up with like minds and access info on new dates etc….you can access the LO FIVE Bandcamp HERE

  1. Com Truise - Forgive 3:27
  2. Plaid - Clocks 4:38
  3. Lone - Triple Helix 3:36
  4. Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld 8:32