David Hockney: Early Reflections at The Walker Art Gallery Liverpool


76 years 3 months 1 day, Yorkshireman, Conscientious Objector, Draughtsman, Artist. David Hockney is all of these things and more. The Walker not only houses one of the painting’s that Hockney is, arguably, most famous for (Peter getting out of Nick’s pool ’67) but from today until 16 march 2014 it presents a retrospective of the artists early work from ’60 through to ’78. The subject of his work is in no doubt. The turmoil and raw emotion brought out in his work by constraints placed on his sexuality by society is evident. Secret codes, smoke and mirrors and a crush on Cliff Richard play out across his early work. Also included are 12 etchings which look at his admiration for the poet Constantine Petrou Cavafy which shows another side to Hockneys work that some may not be aware of.
Also included are Hockney’s water-themed paintings, particularly those of swimming pools which are among his most renowned.
If you admire Hockneys work already you’ll obviously enjoy this exhibition and if you know the name and that painting go and take a look at the early work of one of England’s greatest living artists.




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